Chicago judge reverses decision to prevent unvaccinated mom from seeing her son

by Tyler Durden

After a series of news reports about the decision, a Chicago judge overturned a decision preventing a mother from seeing her child for refusing to get the vaccine.

Judge James Shapiro issued an order Evacuated parts of his previous order issued on August 11 allowing Rebecca Verlett to see her son again, according to Rebecca Verlett’s attorney, Annette Fernholz, who gave an interview with Fox 32 Chicago on Monday.

Verlett said she hasn’t seen her son since August 10, and that Cook County Judge Shapiro initially rescinded her raising time with her son until she could be vaccinated. Ferlett has been divorced from her husband for several years, and said she did not want to get the vaccine due to previous adverse reactions to the vaccines.

Shapiro reversed his decision on Monday after the story gained traction in the media, which Fernholz credits with helping Ferlette’s case.

“I think there has been a lot of media outcry,” Fernholz said. “The divorce tape here in Illinois was responding when they saw it on the news.”

Ferlet told Fox she was “surprised” by the judge’s reversal, “but my reaction is that I am grateful.”

Others say the judge’s defense to have the order overturned was more complex: A lawyer representing Ferlette’s son claims that the judge’s initial decision to prevent Ferlet from seeing her son was more complicated than her refusal of the coronavirus vaccine.

“The judge has to look out for the child’s best interest,” Attorney Michael Bender said Verlett’s behavior during the hearing was “volatile.”

“He could see something that was telling him clearly, ‘There’s danger to the baby now.'” “We will work on that,” Bandar said.

Of course, Verlett insists that the judge’s initial decision was wrong, and that the idea that she was “putting her child at risk” is absurd. “It was definitely not a reason to take my baby away from me,” Verlett said. I don’t put him at risk. Nothing has been provided about it. It wasn’t anything we were at the hearing for had anything to do with it.”

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