Canadian doctor removed from hospital duty after speaking out about COVID ‘vaccine’ side effects

by Brian Shelavy

Last month we published an interview with Dr. Charles Hof, a medical doctor of 28 years in the small rural town of Lytton in British Columbia, Canada.

He tried to sound the alarm about the disturbing side effects he was seeing in his community from the COVID-19 footage, which included one death.

The results of his attempt to warn the medical system about what he was seeing was that a gag order had been issued and he was essentially notified of silence.

he did not do. He gave an interview in which he explained what was happening after the COVID-19 shots, and the damage they caused, which put his career on the line. be seen:

Canadian doctor challenges the mask order and tells the audience how Moderna’s injections have killed COVID and permanently disabled Aboriginal people in his community

Live Site News He now reports that Dr. Hoff has been relieved of emergency room duties, resulting in him losing half his income, because he dared to tell the truth.

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Canadian doctor removed from hospital after speaking out about COVID vaccine side effects

by Anthony Murdoch
Live Site News


A Canadian family doctor said he was sanctioned by local health authorities because he raised concerns about side effects he observed in some of those who received the COVID-19 Moderna dose within his community.

“I’m no longer allowed to work in the emergency room,” said Dr. Charles Hove in British Columbia, to me a true north news Report.

Hof added that his suspension from the emergency room came at the end of April, after local health authorities “discontinued his clinical privileges” for the crime of causing “vaccine hesitation”, for speaking out about vaccinated patients.

In a letter dated April 5, Hof books To Bonnie Henry, the District Health Officer of British Columbia, he was “absolutely concerned about the high rate of serious side effects of this new treatment,” referring to the injections of Moderna COVID-19 given to 900 mostly indigenous people in Lytton, British Columbia.

Hof said he observed one patient death, and “several” allergic reactions, along with three individuals with “disabling” neurological deficits with chronic pain, which persisted “for more than 10 weeks after their first vaccination.”

“In summary, in our small community in Lytton, British Columbia, we have one dead person, and three people who appear to be permanently disabled, after their first dose of Moderna vaccine. The ages of those affected range from 38 to 82 years,” Hof wrote.

After his letter, Hof said, he is no longer allowed to work in the emergency department at St. Bartholomew’s Health Center due to his opinions about COVID injections. He can still work in his private clinic.

“I am still allowed to see patients in my private practice, which is not under the authority of the Internal Health Authority,” Hoff said.

Losing the ability to work in the emergency room cut his income in half, which he explained was “the price of standing up for my patients’ safety.”

Read the full article on Live Site News.

Brian Shelavy is the editor of Health Impact News where this article is located first appearance.

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