Can-Am kicks off the pavement with her tricycle 2022

Spring and summer have been filled with exciting newness the cars And Truck Editions, but if you’re looking for pure fun on the open roads, the Can-Am three-wheeler is definitely worth a visit. The company’s recently announced 2022 model range has something to suit every type of racer, whether you’re planning to hit the highway or explore the backcountry gravel.

There are several highlights for the 2022 lineup. First, two all-new models, the Ryker Rally, a dirt-oriented version of Can-Am’s entry level smokes three-wheeler, and the Ryker Sport, which offers some major performance upgrades for the street. In addition, the company has also made modifications to the top-spec Spyder RT Sea-to-Sky and Spyder F3, including a new eye-catching color. Here’s a closer look at what’s going to happen.

1. Raleigh Can Am Riker

Can-Am’s all-new Ryker Rally (see above) is built for all types of trails, paved or otherwise. To make it more capable in the dirt, the company upgraded the suspension to increase travel and ground clearance (necessary for passing rocks and other obstacles), and added extra protection (when you inevitably scrape those rocks). It should be a riot from the pavement: It’s equipped with a “Rally Mode” setting that’s calibrated to help you drift on soft surfaces. It’ll also come with new seat options and an impressive set of white, rally-inspired wheels, too.


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2022 Can Am Reeker Sport

2022 Can Am Reeker Sport photo courtesy

2. Can am Rieker Sport

The Ryker will still be an entry-level model, but for those looking for a little more performance on the pavement, there’s the new Ryker Sport. The 2022 version receives new adjustable shocks that allow you to adjust the bike’s ride to your preference, and it also comes with cruise control, a first for the Ryker line. And like its Rally sibling, it features a drift-friendly ride setting: “Sport mode,” which should be ideal for setting tires when you’re hitting twists (or for making donuts in the parking lot).


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2022 Can Am Spider RT

2022 Can Am Spider RTC to Sky photo courtesy

3. Can Am Spider RTC to Sky

The Spyder RT Sea-to-Sky is built for luxurious long-distance riding, and the 2022 edition will make the experience even more comfortable. Notable features include a new backrest and adjustable air deflector to reduce fatigue. Plus, Can-Am will offer even more ways to customize your ride: You’ll have your choice of new trim, color and wheel options not available on the 2021 model.


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2022 Can Am Spyder F3-S

Can-Am Spyder F3-S Special Series photo courtesy

4. Can Am Spider F3

Other versions of the Spyder have also been renewed for 2022. The Spyder F3-S Special Series will come in a new “Manta Green” color, and the Spyder F3 Limited Special Series will get an upgraded seat, new backrest, and more comfort. Handlebars – all designed to make long-distance riding more enjoyable.

[F3-S Special Series: $20,499;]

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[F3 Limited Special Series: $27,499;]

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