Camp chair 2021 guide: Our favorite this season

After a long day spent on Pass Buildings or in secret fishing Pit, the last thing you want is to park yourself on a cold, hard rock. This is why a good camp chair is essential for country adventures.

Whether you’re camping in the car, backpacking, or just lounging in the garden, the camp chair will ensure you relax in comfort. Add some plush to your food with one of these eight options from top brands including keltyAnd the sea ​​to the topAnd the CLIQAnd the nemo and more.

Best Camp Chairs for Backcountry Adventures

Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair
Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair photo courtesy

1. Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair

Hondo is the Cadillac of camper chairs, designed for ultimate comfort and ultimate durability. The mesh fabric can hold up to 500 pounds, and the double-walled aluminum frame is made with molded joints for exceptional strength. It also comes with a cup holder and integrated handle for easy portability.


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Kelty Loveseat camp chairs
Qilty Lovesite photo courtesy

2. Kelty Loveset

When the night gets cold, snuggle up in the Loveseat camp chair from Kelty. This two-person chair comes with several top-shelf features, including a sturdy steel frame construction, adjustable armrests, and double-insulated cup holders.


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MacSports club chair
MacSports club chair photo courtesy

3. MacSports club chair

With its generous padding, the MacSports Club is guaranteed to be the most coveted spot around the campfire. But don’t let the ergonomic look fool you: It’s made of waterproof polyester fabric and has a powder-coated steel frame, so it’s durable enough for many camping seasons.


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REI Camp X Chair Outdoor Camping Chair
REI Camp X . chair photo courtesy

4. REI Camp X chair

Looking for a budget-friendly option that will keep you cool on hot summer days? Get this REI chair. The highly ventilated mesh protects your back from sweating, and the supportive tape distributes your weight evenly for a more comfortable feel. An oversized cup holder can handle large canteens, and a secure drawstring pocket provides a convenient place to hold your phone and valuables.


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Nemo Stargaze luxury camping chair
Luxury Nemo Stargaze Chair photo courtesy

5. Nemo Stargaze Luxury Chair

Stargazing is one of the best parts of any camping trip—especially if you bring a chair designed for exactly that purpose. This luxury camp chair from Nemo comes with several unique features that amateur astronomers (or anyone who just wants to relax) will appreciate. It has a headrest, can recline, and the unusual frame setting allows you to rock gently while seated.


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Camp Chair CLIQ Chair
CLIQ chair photo courtesy


Backcountry adventures require easy-to-use equipment, and that’s exactly what makes the CLIQ chair such an attractive option. Press the button, extend the arms, and in a few seconds you will have a comfortable seat. Plus, it can hold up to 300 pounds, provides lumbar support, and packs the size of a water bottle.


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sea ​​to air summit
sea ​​to air summit photo courtesy

7. Sea to Air Summit Chair

For the true minimalist out there, the Sea to Summit Air Chair is definitely worth a look. This accessory set transforms a Sea to Summit sleeping mat (purchased separately) into a camping chair with a few pleats and clip-on clips. It weighs just eight ounces, but the waterproof nylon base and back panel, double seams, and adjustable side straps make it durable and comfortable, too.


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Helinox Zero Camp Chair
Helinox Zero Chair photo courtesy

8. Helinox Zero Chair

Backpackers are ounce counters, but that’s just one reason why the Helinox 17-ounce chair is such a popular choice. Aside from being lightweight and compact, it’s made with a sturdy aluminum alloy frame and durable fabric, so it can support up to 265 pounds and withstand the elements without problems.


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