Call from the runner to delete Strava and start enjoying the outdoors

Imagine this: You just finished with a file Height, Run, prof Skate skin, Bike trip – put Favorite mountain sport Here. You smile but you are gone. You feel this gorgeous, sweaty fatigue the kind that you only get from whole days of big hill activity. You are sitting at the back door of your Subaru. You made your favorite drink for a post-mountain adventure. What do you do next? Link to your phone. And you are scrolling. And you compare. Because the digital penis measurement contest for social media and diet It is the only reason you left the house in the first place. Yuk.

How it started

A few years ago, I signed up for the first time Ultramarathon. I wasn’t really a runner, I was probably a jogger at best. I definitely didn’t consider myself something like an endurance athlete, unless you talk about eating a donut after feeling full. But I wanted a big challenge and I wanted to do something my brain tells it can’t. When I started training, it became clear that I needed a way to track my runs. I needed to know my distance, my vertical gain, and my pace in order to properly mentally and physically prepare. Up until that point, I’ve always been looking at apps like diet or Mountain Hub And thought, what is the point?

what is the point?

I understand the need to track your progress if you train, or just because of a boy’s personal desires. But I don’t understand the need to publish the results socially and compare yourself to other people in your hometown, statewide, national, or intergalactic levels, and I’m sure it will come soon. Why is measuring yourself versus your neighbor the point? You are probably not a professional athlete. Your “results” do not matter. To me, this all sounds like a great way to peacock, show off your cute stance around town and on ole interwebz. Put it this way: Posting socially on Strava is the Ax Outdoor Body Spray. You want to impress but all you do is create a total pungent cloud that emanates from an effort so hard.

Measuring success

The social media attitude to “see how far you out” is a digital card house that’s self-indulgent, congratulatory, and full of anxiety. If the story of Narcissus were written today, an IG influencer story would tell us a bio that reads “Public Figure, Digital Creator, Personal Brand” and links to the podcast “How to Live Your Best Life.” And the beautiful boy in Greek mythology would be an athlete who used stamina. Strava and the like are for self-absorbed geeks who care more about being better than someone than actual enjoyment. And I just can’t stand people who take themselves so seriously. Do you know that black-eyed guy who runs softball training on slow court? Well if you post the results on the social platform on Strava, then that’s you, buddy.

It is time to declare independence

Your backlash should take off when you hear people talking about PR and publishing it digitally. Let’s start the Strava Revolution. There are two ways to do this. First method: delete Strava from your phone. Method 2: Join me in the new Strava-ing game. I’m going to track how slowly I do things. I’m going to eat donuts and sausages in the aisles while I’m sitting in one of the camp-chair sofas. I’m going to set a PR that intentionally makes fun of all the other PR. I’m talking many hours to get inches over the road. Chew on this record of course. Let’s get our ego off social media and go outside to really have some fun.

Having fun while jogging

One of the things that initially attracted me to mountain sports was the inherent Yahoo factor. I moved to Colorado to enjoy the mountains. She was raised in Chicago as a collegiate athlete kid. There is no doubt that I love the competition and understand its appeal. But to pull the competition out, which is something that is almost entirely focused on fun, it looks like keeping up with the Kardashians Transfer. If someone points to someone and tells me they’re at the top of the Strava Ranking in town, I wouldn’t care much. It does not impress me. In fact, it will have the opposite effect. You might also tell me he’s the type of person to leave their cart in the middle of the grocery store queue. I’ll assume that the king of Strava is actually a rooster.

Consider enjoying the outdoors yourself

You know what’s better than trying to be the best outdoor practitioner in town? Don’t try too hard to prove yourself. An effort without an excuse. And what’s better than that? Go to the mountains to enjoy exclusively. I know it’s a crazy concept: Get out for a smile and some laughs. Hey, maybe bring some friends with you and have fun together. And don’t use an app to track your activity, unless that app counts snacking and snacking. Now, this is an app that I can have.

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Written by Joseph

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