Build your dream mountain bike in 3D

What if you could build your dream mountain bike While chilling on your computer? Imagine clicking thousands of high-quality ingredient options while rotating and zooming for each product, similar to the insane levels of detail allowed when building and customizing the Sick Whips in Gran Turismo 6. Select nearly every component, choose from different degrees of equipment, choose from a variety of colors, and switch between a whole host of styles and sizes: all on your glowing screen.

That’s what Bradley Stookie did, half the father and son team he founded Sherpa MTBHe wanted to do in 2018 after he imagined developing a 3D platform that would allow you to detailed customization of your own bike, which would then be assembled and shipped to you. Launching this week after more than two difficult years of development, Sherpa MTB – headquartered in Austin, Texas – uses 3D building software based on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, a powerful software development environment used to build collections. Video Games Such as It is an electronic gameAnd the Batman: Arkham Asylum, And the Outside worlds.

Bike building

To start, all you have to do is click on “Building 3D dreamsOn the website and create a login. (At launch, the component will only be online from 2 to 10 PM CST until the order is evaluated, and you are aware that there are a few bugs at the time of pressing.) Then select your frame first, Custom full carbon frame suspension.Although there is only one bike you can build right now, an Enduro bike called Everest, the company hopes to have six custom tires ready to go that will range from cross country all the way to decline.

The other, current, custom element available is the carbon rims that come in sizes of 27.5 or 29 inches – and can accommodate those wanting to build a mullet, or with a smaller rear wheel. You can also choose between 170mm or 180mm for hanging the first bikes – the 150mm option will come later.

Sherpa mtb
Sherpa MTB HQ Courtesy image

“Everything will be loaded into the frame and then you will go step by step,” says Bradley. “The process can be stopped or started at any time.” The rest of the ingredients are the very best and are ready to use – Maxxis, RockShox, SRAM, Truvativ, Spank Industries, Chris King, Wolf Tooth, etc – all the familiar brands and quality, with more added as they expand Future fonts. “Everything else is assembled internally like complete wheel designs, which you can call it technically customized because we offer all kinds of different axles.”

And you really can donation Based on what’s important to you, says Bradley. The base build price will start at $ 5,200 and can easily go up to over $ 10,000 depending on how much you feel like spending (carbon crank, anyone?). After you complete your bike – built from millions of component options, says Father Tad Stuckey – the bike’s specifications will be shared with the warehouse, the frame drawn on the spot, and then “then someone in our store will build a build,” says Bradley. .

In the future, if you need help figuring out the exact parts to suit your riding style and terrain, the team is building a solution on the site called Sherpa Hub. “He. She [will be filled with] Articles … Discussing things that really require a more in-depth explanation of why you like it, or just like it, “says Bradley.”[Do you need] A coil or air for your rear shocks, does a 2.3 or 2.8 tire fit you? ”

Sherpa mtb
Sherpa MTP Everest Courtesy image

Delivery does not fuss

When your bike is delivered, it’s not just tossed onto the front porch, it’s called a concierge service Ketzuma You will deliver the bikes to customers by truck, fully assembled. “The delivery person is a technician and will be able to make any kind of modification that needs to be made to the train track or perhaps the shock pressure; whatever they might need, they can do it there,” Stoki says.

Everest will be ready to be sliced ​​from your front door, all included in the price.

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