Best sustainable gifts to give this Father’s Day

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Let’s face it, there is a lot of riding in this summer. Families and friends are aiming to get back together, excited to make up for lost time, and the road trip plans you’ve been dreaming about are starting to happen. This summer looks different because he is Different – and so should your style of Father’s Day gift giving. Every year is a good year not to give the old man a tie, but if he’s the outdoorsy type, build on that with gear designed to help him explore better. What do we mean by best? Easier, sure — and with more style always an added bonus — but it’s better for the environment, too. We are all interested in sustainable gifts this year.

Today, more and more offshore companies are manufacturing equipment with sustainability in mind. From powering manufacturing facilities with solar energy to committing to switching to carbon neutral to something as simple as collecting scraps of fabric from the floor that might end up in a landfill, these brands make eco-friendly products that work well. When big brands are more careful about the way they make equipment — and the suppliers they collaborate with — it’s a seismic shift driven by what consumers demand. If this dad in your life loves the outdoors, there’s a good chance he has a vested interest in preserving it. These gifts tastefully satisfy both requirements.

Best sustainable gifts to give this Father’s Day

Citizen Promaster Aqualand
Citizen Promaster Aqualand Courtesy Image

1. Citizen Promaster Aqualand

Built into the Promaster’s guts is Citizen’s iconic Eco-Drive technology, which means the watch runs on any light source — even a desk lamp in a home office — eliminating the need to replace the watch battery. By setting renewable energy standards for watches, Citizen’s technology keeps millions of lithium-ion batteries out of landfills each year. But, day in and day out, what he will notice is a durable 50mm stainless steel case, an easy-to-read dial beneath the sapphire crystal, and a 200m water resistance that goes with whatever goes into it. Citizen also plans to achieve zero CO2 emissions from its manufacturing facilities by 2050.


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Cotopaxi Hielo 12L Del Día Cooler Bag:: Father's Day Gift Guide: Father's Day Gift Guide
Cotopaxi Ice 12 Liter Cooling Bag of the Day Courtesy Image

2. Cotopaxi Ice 12L Of The Day Cooler Bag. 2. Cotopaxi Ice 12L Of The Day Cooler Bag

Not every drink needs a bear-proof cooler. Cotopaxi reuses leftover nylon and polyester leftovers from other brands’ gear manufacturing, then sews them into unique, colorful, soft-sided 12-liter coolers—large enough to hold about 12 cans. Inside, the insulating foam is also redirected. Carry it to the back door, beach or campground.


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Smith Lowdown 2 Core 2 Sunglasses
Smith Lowdown 2 Core 2 Sunglasses Courtesy Image

3. Smith Lowdown 2 Core . Glasses

Some of the best green gear are things you don’t look like – like the shades of Lowdown 2 Core. The frames and bag they come in are made from five recycled plastic bottles. The lenses use Smith’s castor oil-based material for sustainability. Even the box they’re shipped in is recycled. These polarized lenses are light, comfortable and sharp enough to be worn on any summer outing.


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Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL3 Bikepack Solution Dye Tent: A Sustainable Gifting Guide
Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL3 Bikepack Solution Dye Tent Courtesy Image

4. Big Agnes Tiger Street Tent UL3 Pickback Dye Solution

If your dad wears bicycles, he’s used to roughing them up, so chances are luxury tents aren’t high on his list. But a sturdy three-person tent is likely to be light and easy to set up and break down. This Big Agnes tent is more durable and resistant to UV degradation than standard versions. As bland as it may sound, its solution-dyed fabric requires 50 percent less water to manufacture, saving about five gallons per tent. It also uses 80 percent less energy and fewer chemicals in manufacturing. All that and still compact to fit in a saddlebag.


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Parker Clay Montecito Weekender Bag
Parker Clay Montecito Weekender Bag Courtesy Image

5. Parker Clay Montecito Weekender Bag

This stylish, cotton-lined leather bag is roomy enough for a long weekend of clothes and gear, and offers plenty of storage space along with organizing a laptop, keys, and phone. Buy the bag as you help Parker Clay recruit Ethiopian leather experts for 25 hours, providing a living wage, benefits and literacy training, all while strengthening the supply chain for sustainable leather coming from local farms.


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Ampere The Hydropower Shower Speaker: Father's Day Gift Guide
water power shower speaker amp Courtesy Image

6. Amp hydroelectric shower head

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers that let you play a playlist, podcast, or listen to the news during your morning scrub aren’t necessarily new. And with each of them, you had to worry about keeping the battery charged. This will not be an issue with the amp. It mounts to a wall-mounted or handheld showerhead and uses water pressure to drive an internal impeller that generates power and charges the battery inside. The speaker turns on automatically when the shower is turned on and the battery is fully charged, you can get 20 hours of listening when the shower is off. The simple four-button interface is easy to use – even with shampoo in your eyes.


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The Rab Downpour Eco Jacket: A Sustainable Gifting Guide
Rab Downpour Eco Jacket Courtesy Image

7. Heavy rain eco jacket

Not every shell has to be Everest worthy. Sometimes you just need to keep dry while you’re running errands, taking a walk, or walking the dog. The tie is fully waterproof, breathable, has heat-wicking vents, and inserts in almost any package. But it also has serious environmental credentials: it’s made with a recycled polyester shell and lining, and can be reused once it reaches the end of its life. And do not think that this reduces its effectiveness. The water beads rise once they reach the more sustainable, fluorocarbon-free DWR treatment that coats the casing.


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Ecco ExoHike Retro Hiker: A Guide to Sustainable Gifting
Ecco ExoHike Retro Hiker Shoes Courtesy Image

8. Ecco ExoHike Retro Hiker Shoe

The artisans at Ecco are masters when it comes to leather – however, it took five years to develop a more sustainable method of tanning. The DriTan method used in these shoes saves about 25 million liters of water per year. That’s enough to keep 9,000 people hydrated. Ecco is teaching other leather companies and competitors how to do this to save resources. Covering this retro boot, yak leather is water-repellent and hides an energy-returning sole to prevent fatigue, while a serrated rubber outsole lends traction on loose or wet terrain.

[ $190;]

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