Best new e-bikes for road, gravel and mountain enthusiasts

E-bikes now include every category of bike. Despite initial resistance by hard-core pedal pushers, they gained acceptance by most of the Cycling The world as a well-intentioned way to get your two-wheeled kicks. And now that major brands have embraced the electron-powered future, the amount and variety of cool new e-bikes is exploding across roads, cobbles, and Mountain Enthusiasts.

New features such as removable powertrains and breakthroughs in weight, power and price give everyone who loves cycling a way to get into the electric saddle without compromising its hitting – whether it’s a single lane or interrupting a daily commuter ride.

The most powerful new e-bike for maximum rhythm

Trek E-Caliber ebike
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Best for Mountain Bike Muscles: Trek E-Caliber 9.8 XT

For longer shredding and faster heights climbing, Trek designed an ingenious cross-country electronic machine with 250 watts of juice. When you don’t need help, pull the battery / motor and drop nearly 7 pounds, which makes for a great electronic caliber. Singletrack the killer. Bonus: The design packs a full Fox suspension, a dropper seat shaft, and a massive gear range via Shimano XT’s 12-speed gear set.


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Cannondale Topstone ebike
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Best for aggressive pebbles: Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty 3

With 30mm of front and rear travel, relatively stagnant geometry (better for slopes), wider 47c tires and 78 miles of range, the Topstone powers everything from fire roads to a semi-technical single track. Ace up his sleeve? Torque up to 85 Nm from electronic leg auxiliary devices. Few options are available in the extended e-gravel class equipped to handle rugged turf.


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Look at the E765 ebike
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Best for on-road speed: Look E-765 Optimum Proteam

The E-765 appears to be rugged enough for racing, but with the added advantage of up to 400 watts of electronic boost. Like the Trek E-Caliber, ditch the engine / battery pack and you’ll lose roughly 10 pounds, transforming the look into an unsupported 20-pound road bike. Either way, the intelligent powertrain has no traction, and is outperforming many competitors Electronic assistance bikes That does not pedal normally.


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PWR binary
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Best for off-road adventures: PWR Dually

With all-wheel drive and traction control to prevent wheel slip, Dually is a great way to get power from 4-inch tires to dirt. Plus it is designed for drag. So whether it is a baby stroller or Movie trailer Loaded with camping gear, with dual motors of 500 watts and a range of 45 miles, this is the ubiquitous go-to e-bike that Pancakes have been waiting for outdoors.


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