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If you haven’t already, put on Mountain biking On your list of adventures you can try – or master – this year, do it. Nothing beats the challenge and excitement of dodging trees and falling over the steep edges of your bike, but to make the most of your time on the trail, the right gear is essential. In addition to prof mountain bike, You will need appropriate mountain bike clothing to keep your roll comfortably and safely.

Besides shorts and a shirt, you’ll need extra padding on your butt, knees and elbows to protect you from the inevitable bumps and crashes that you’ll experience while riding. Gloves will protect your hands from scraping twigs and brushes, and on cold or rainy days, it’s wise to bring a jacket or shell as well.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your compact gear, we’ve rounded up our favorite pieces of mountain bike clothing from brands like Pearl IzumiAnd the Dakin, And more. Here’s what you need to ride like a pro this season.

Pearl Izumi Summit men's mountain bike clothing
Pearl Izumi Men’s Summit Courtesy Image

Jersey: Pearl Izumi Men’s Summit

Technically, mountain biking shirts are not much different from road cycling shirts. You’ll even see some riders wearing their road equipment on the tracks. But for a looser fit and breathability, consider the tops of the top. With a comfy fit and raglan sleeves, it feels like a regular shirt, but the recycled polyester mesh is more breathable and weaves to keep you comfortable even at the toughest heights.


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Ride Mountain Surf dog short 12" Mountain bike clothing
Short Club Ride Mountain Surf 12 ″ Courtesy Image

Shorts: Club Ride Mountain Surf Short 12 ″

You can count on these tough, sturdy shorts to keep you comfortable. The 12 ” inner belt reaches just above your knees for complete protection from wear and sun, and the two-way stretch fabric and the reinforced crotch helps move the shorts along with your body. An adjustable Velcro waist belt provides a fit on request, and there’s plenty of storage too: two front and two back pockets, and two side zip pockets for your keys and other valuables. Plus, the simple design makes these pants versatile enough for after-riding activities.


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Club Ride Chamois 8 gun holder
Club Ride Chamois 8 Gun Holder Courtesy Image

Chamois: Club Ride Gunslinger Chamois 8 “

Club Ride’s chamois offerings range across a variety of cushions, and the Gunslinger style, designed for two-hour horseback riding, is in the middle. We especially like that the 8 ” inner belt doesn’t rise while pedaling and that the wide waistband is flat under the shorts and the bundle. The 8mm perforated memory foam increases saddle comfort, but it’s not so bulky that it feels like you’re swaying as soon as you get down.


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Gen Xen Glove
Gen Xen Glove Courtesy Image

Gloves: Jiro Zen glove

These Giro gloves come with all the right features at a wallet-friendly price – perfect for a beginner cyclist or someone adding to their range. Padding on finger joints and around palm cushions prevents drops and bumps, and mesh panels prevent your hands from sweating. Plus, the fingertips are compatible with the touchscreen, so you don’t have to take it off to check the map on your phone.


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Knee Pads Dakin Anthem
Knee Pads Dakin Anthem Courtesy Image

Knee Pads: Dakin Anthem knee pads

Unless you are calm with your broken knees, protecting them should be a top priority, especially if you are coming down from below. The Dakine Anthem model features shock-absorbing foam that is 3D-shaped to conform to the curvature of your leg. Adjustable thigh and leg straps keep pads in place when you’re loud, but they’re also easy to put on and take off, even on top of your shoes.


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G-Form Pro-X2 Mountain Bike Elbow Pads
G-Form Pro-X2 Mountain Bike Elbow Pads Courtesy Image

Elbow Pads: G-Form Pro-X2 Mountain Bike Elbow Pads

Don’t forget to keep your arms safe, too. Designed for mountain bikers, G-Form Pro-X2s also absorb shock forces thanks to the special body contouring pads. Compression sleeves stay in place all day without squeezing you, and they’re thin enough to slip under shirts and jackets. Plus it’s made of UPF 50+ fabric, so it’s getting some sun protection, too.


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Fox Racing Ranger Fire jacket
Fox Racing Ranger Fire jacket Courtesy Image

The jacket: Fox Racing Ranger Fire jacket

Pull this up when the temperature drops or the rain starts to drop. The polyester outerwear blocks splashes of wind and light (though it’s not completely waterproof), and the brushed wool interior wicks up moisture and keeps warm. Pockets provide extra storage for your phone or snacks while you ride, and they come with a bike-specific size: The tail drooping covers your rear from mud, snow, and other rear wheel debris.


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