Best mascara, dry shampoo, and other questions this week

Here are the questions that you (or your friends) have asked via Instagram story boxRunEatRepeat.

Since IG Stories only run for 24 hours and my highlights are populated – this is the best way to save answers and information for you to find later. I will link any products I mention under the question so they are easy to find.

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Questions covered today:

  • What is the best dry shampoo
  • What do you put on your eyelashes
  • What is the problem with bin
  • What skin care products do you use
  • What do you drink (besides soda)

RunEatRepeat Instagram Story Questions:

Note … I answered some questions via video. After that, I realized it wasn’t easy to save 15-second clips into a blog post … so I started responding via text in the story. I share the messages that I answered via the text below. If you answered a question via video and lost the answer or wanted links to what I referenced – just ask again in my stories RunEatRepeat on Instagram

What is the best dry shampoo?

I love Batiste dry shampoo with coconut and exotic tropical scent .

I think the best type for oily (or sweaty) hair is the best Aveda dry shampoo aka shampoo

Run and repeat hair products

What do you put on your eyelashes?

I swear This is Maybelline colossal mascara

Watch my Instagram Reels for Fast Before and after using that mascara I love here.

Best TikTok Mascara Instagram Reels

What will your 18 year old self tell?

(Video answer)

Are you and Ben back together?

(Video answer)

But … I have a lot of questions like this, so I updated it with a text answer:

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Do you drink soft drinks at all? I only drink water but I need something else. I am not a fan of sparkling water.

Run and repeat drinking

I like soda and I have a soda stream
So I drink a lot of sparkling water.
I also drink …

What skin care products do you use?

Run and repeat skin care

Tips for digestive problems while running?

Gastrointestinal hostility problems

Are you still eating dirty grapes ??

Run eat and repeat dirty grapes

Can I have some fun with Diego?

Yeah. Diego Levis for Pets.

I run and eat, repeat, can I poke fun at Diego

Are you going to run a race in Northern California?

Run eat repeat Northern California race

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