Best juice delivery services for green juices, wellness shots and more

Smoothies, healthy shots, and cleanses have become popular over the past few years for good reason: They’re a simple way to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables. According to the CDC, only 12.2 percent of Americans consume the recommended daily amount of fruit and only 9.3 percent eat the recommended amount of vegetables. Despite the lack of fiber in green juices, Packed with other nutrients They help reduce inflammation, improve digestion, strengthen the immune system, improve energy, and cleanse and detoxify the body. Enter juice delivery services.

With countless juice delivery services to choose from, you can have your favorite blends delivered straight to your door. Here are six of our favourites.

Drink the greens: the best juice delivery services

1. Raw juice

people in raw juices On a mission to deliver premium quality juice products right to your door. They believe the juice is the best in its most raw, natural state, and as a result, the recipes are focused on taste and function and only the highest quality organic ingredients are used. Options include cleanses, health-boosting packs or hand-picked juice boxes. In an effort to keep everything as fresh as possible, orders are filled same day and shipped overnight with priority free shipping. If you want to earn points, create a RAW account before placing your order and sip your way to rewards.

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soy juice

2. Dirty

Founded in 2012, dirty In the business of making nutritious juices filled with organic fruits and vegetables. Their juices are bottled using a technology called high pressure processing, which works to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria while at the same time maintaining a fresh taste. Suja offers a variety of green juices, fruit juices, energy juices, shots and cleansers that can be purchased on their own or as a subscription. Subscription benefits, delivered every four weeks, include discounted rates as well as free delivery.

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Pressurized juice delivery

3. Pressed juice

In an effort to make feeding easier, Pressed juice It has more than 75 retail locations, as well as delivery services. The juice is sourced from California’s Central Valley and offers a range of fresh and cold-pressed juices, cleansers, dairy-free snacks, and picks—most of which can be purchased individually or in packages, with free local delivery for orders over $50. If you plan to indulge regularly, Pressed offers membership plans for $10 per month, allowing customers to enjoy discounts on all of their offerings.

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Juice delivery reduced

4. squeezed

at squeezedThey cold press and cold press their juices to ensure their integrity as well as maintain the best nutrition, taste and consistency. Although they offer custom-made options, they are all about purges, offering a variety of options, including your own custom purge. In an effort to help customers get the most out of their purges, they offer before, during and after support via phone, email, live chat or social media. To make things as convenient and affordable as possible, Squeezed offers same-day local delivery and a rewards program when creating an account.

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project juice

5. Juice Project

project juice Offer cleansers, power shots, wellness packs, and make your own juice packs, as well as a variety of pantry staples. Designed for the juice connoisseur, it only offers juice packs with no a la carte options available. The service is of a high standard, and as a result, their cold pressed juices are made with organic, non-GMO ingredients from local farms. In order to get the most out of your profit, sign up for the membership program to receive discounts when you automatically renew your weekly juice delivery. In addition, it offers a rewards program in which you earn 10 points for every dollar spent – you earn 1,500 points for free items.

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raw synthesis

6. Raw Generation

Founded in 2012 by father/daughter duo, raw generationThe company’s mission is to produce fresh, raw, unpasteurized vegetable juices that taste good and make you feel better. It offers a variety of cold-pressed juices, wellness shots, and protein smoothies that cater to individuals who want to lose weight or build muscle. Your Build Boxes allow buyers to manually select a custom batch of smoothies and juices. The more you buy, the more you save. In addition, Raw Generation offers a subscription program, in which subscribers receive a 10 percent discount, as well as a rewards program that begins as soon as a free account is opened.

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