Best Hydration Packs For Running, Skiing & More

No matter what you like to do outside, proper hydration is essential. In the best case, not getting enough water outdoors work out It will lead to substandard performance. But if you are traveling miles in the wilderness without a drop to drink, the situation can quickly get terrible. To avoid dehydration, outdoor athletes should always use hydration packs.

There are many different types available, so choosing the right one for you and your sport requires some research. To get started, we’ve rounded up six of the best hydration packs to suit a range of different outdoor sports – running, hiking, mountain biking, and skiing.

Nathan Sports VaporAir Hydration Backpack
Nathan Sports VaporAir Hydration Backpack Courtesy Image

Running: Nathan Sports VaporAir Hydration Backpack

Whether you’re pounding the sidewalk or hitting the driveway, finding a breathable hydration pack that won’t burden you is essential. Weighing just 14 ounces, Nathan Sports’ VaporAir is a great pick.

Ultra-breathable mesh fabric keeps your body cool and chafing on long trips, while the excellent weight distribution of the jacket maintains an imbalance of the 2L bladder. There are also a lot of convenient storage units on VaporAir. Split front mesh pockets are perfect for carrying gels or snacks, the front zip pocket can hold your smartphone, and two easy-to-access front pockets provide additional hydration options. With this jacket, you can really go the distance.


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Salomon ADV Skin 12 Moisturizing Pack
Salomon ADV Skin 12 Courtesy Image

Running: Salomon ADV Skin 12

As its name suggests, this pack is designed to fit a second skin. Its breathable fabric hugs your back, shoulders and chest to eliminate shivering and chafing while running. Soft, compact bottles on the straps allow for hassle-free sips, while three open pockets and one zip pocket provide easy-to-reach storage places for snacks and the phone. Additionally, the large inner pocket is compatible with a 1.5 liter bladder (Sold separately), Or you can use it to carry extra gear, such as a jacket.


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Hydro Flask 14L Bottom Transition Hydration Refill
Hydro Flask 14L Bottom Transition Hydration Refill

Hiking: Hydro Flask 14L Down Shift Hydration Pack

Hydro Flask water bottles get all the attention, but the company also makes some first-class hydration packs, including 14L Down Shift. It features a 2L insulated tank and a neoprene tank cover with a reflective liner to keep the water cool for more than four hours. Hinged back panel keeps your back and tank from retaining excess heat, while cushioned shoulder and waist straps add comfort. If there are warm-weather spikes (or excursions) in your future, this will keep you calm.


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Gregory Inertia 20 H20
Gregory Inertia 20 H20 Courtesy Image

Hiking: Gregory Inertia 20 H20

If high storage capacity is a priority, it’s hard to find a better deal than Gregory Inertia 20 H2O. With a storage capacity of 20 liters and a water capacity of three liters, you can bring all your gear And the All the water you need.

A reinforced bottom panel adds durability, while front and side mesh pockets provide gear elements with ample space. The trekking pole attachment with a bungee closure system is an easy-to-use feature, as is the muscle-magnetic valve that attaches easily to the chest strap.


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Thule Vital 8 liters
Thule Vital 8 liters Courtesy Image

Mountain biking: Thule Vital 8L

The Thule Vital 8L is specially designed for cycling. Its lightweight, ventilated material and low center of gravity translate to reduced stress on the rider, and magnetic panels stitched onto the hose ensure always easy access. It’s also designed with storage pockets on the waistband, so you don’t have to stop and remove the pack for a mid-ride snack. A 2.5L tank handles humidification, and there’s plenty of extra storage in the main compartment of the package, too.


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Osprey Camper 22
Osprey Camper 22 Courtesy Image

Skiing and Snowboarding: Osprey Kamber 22

Outback skiers and frontier skiers need to be equipped for the changing conditions, and that means carrying – and being able to quickly reach – additional tools and equipment in addition to water. This package from Osprey keeps your backcountry kit together and comes with a long list of ski-specific features.

There is a dedicated pocket for quick access to essential equipment such as an avalanche probe and shovel, and the straps on the outside of the package create multiple options for carrying skis or skateboards. A moisturizing package is inserted into the back pocket and the hose tracks through the shoulder strap to prevent water from freezing. To add on top, the fasteners are designed to open and close with gloves (no cold hands here), and the protective pocket lets you store your glasses without scratching them.


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