Best Heavy Duty Strength Building Kit for Rural Hunting

Forget the stereotypes about spotting deer. Hunting in the outback requires trekking for miles over rugged terrain just to track your steps while carrying hundreds of pounds of fresh meat on your back.

Says Dustin Defenderfer, hunter ultrarunner and founder MTNTOUGH FITNESS In Bozeman, MT (ed.). “You need a strong chassis, like the F-150.” Fisher man Or not, try his 45-70 heavy pack workout. It is designed to build Muscular endurance and strength Required for such a tedious task.

Best Heavy Duty Pack to Build Strength and Endurance for Rural Hunting


Load a multi-day backpack that has a harness system with sandbags (or wrap free weights in towels) to round out the weight. Do a descending/ascending ladder using a rep chart: 30, 20, 10, 20, 30. Rest 2-5 minutes between sets. Repeat the exercise three times a week.

Curl sandbag for compression

Curl sandbag for compression Nate Hill

1. Curl to press

Hold the pack at both ends, palms facing each other, standing tall with the heart tied. Do a hammer exercise, bringing the pack from the waist to the chest, then immediately push it over your head with a firm shoulder press. Slowly lower the pack to your chest, then your waist without using momentum. Beginner: 25 lbs. Intermediate: 35 lbs. Elite: 45 lbs

deadly sand
Nate Hill

2. Deadlift

Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Hinge at the hips to hold a beam at both ends, gently bend the knees until you feel the hamstrings engage. Drive through your heels and extend your hips as you lift the pack off the floor to stand. Squeeze the glutes and push the hips slightly forward at the top of the movement. Move slowly and control the descent, keeping your back flat. Beginner: 60 lbs. Intermediate: 80 lbs. Elite: 105 lbs

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