Best healthy meal delivery services for every diet

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14. Thorns

Organic and vegetarian meals are the name of the game for this California-based operation (they also ship to Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, and more western states, so check Here To see if you are in a delivery area). With all the menu options offering health-supporting nutrition, meals are vegetarian with the option of adding protein, and contain lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, healthy vegetable fats, herbs and spices. Free from dairy, gluten, refined white sugars or artificial sweeteners, selections include meals like the Crunchy Thai Peanut Bowl, New Potato Salad and a range of cold juices.

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Metabolic meals
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15. Metabolic meals

Our Post-Workout Love Language: Fed Bison Burger with Pepper Jack Cheese and Pistachio Roasted Carrots. Catered to people trying to achieve their weight loss and performance goals, the brand offers low-carb, high-protein, gluten-free, soy-free, diets, diabetics, and allergens, to name a few. With the menu that changes weekly, you won’t be bored either, and you can order staples in the fridge like the wild salmon burger and the organic turkey burgers.

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Trifecta Clean Eating Meal
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16. Trifecta

These airtight meals are made with processed foods and organic products, plus all the protein is grass-fed, sustainably fished, and antibiotic-free, with plans to suit a variety of lifestyles such as keto, vegetarians and vegans. Come to dinner, and enjoy satisfying dishes like chicken pesto pasta (clean meal plan) or Korean bulgogi beef (paleo meal delivery). Also worth noting: At the end of last year, Trifecta introduced its first round of biodegradable updates, so the bins are nationally recyclable on the sidewalk and fully biodegradable in landfills or in the ocean.

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