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No offense, ordinary grocery store meat, but nothing quite as deep red, marbled A piece of meat. Not only do grass-fed steaks look more appealing—even in their raw state—those webs of white fat running through the chops end up being more juicy, meaty, tasty, and healthier, too. Grass-fed steaks contain up to five times more Omega-3 fatty acids of grain-fed beef with lower levels of saturated fat.

Grass-fed operations have proven to be a more ethical and environmentally sound way of raising livestock. In general, turf fields enhance the biodiversity of the land and soil as well as resist drought while preventing flooding. Furthermore, producing grass-fed beef can sequester carbon, which helps offset and reduce methane emissions. greenhouse gases levels.

There is no doubt that grass-fed steaks are the healthiest and tastiest option for grilling. Where do you brag about some? Order your signature slabs from one of these five standout processes.

Where to buy the best grass-fed steaks online

Verde Farms

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1. Verde Farms

During a trip to South America, the founder of Verde Farms was inspired by how revered gauchos (cowboys) treated and raised their livestock – adopted their principles: respect the animals; Honor the Earth, value family, simplicity and integrity.

The company now obtains 100 percent USDA organic grass-fed beef from a few family farms in Uruguay – one of the largest producers of grass-fed beef in the world. Antibiotic-free and hormone-free, Verde Farms products also include ground beef and sausages, roastingAnd meat stew.

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2. Belcampo

This network of eight farms began with a single ranch of 30,000 acres spread out at the base of Mount Shasta in Gazelle, California. Founding Mission: To bring pasture-raised beef to market through renewable farming practices while using certified humane slaughter processes.

Dedicated to allowing its animals to remain in herds and cycle frequently through vigorous fields, Belcampo is committed to healthier animals and ecosystems. Apart from grass-fed steaks, the company also sells premium pork, lamb, poultry, bacon, sausages, rubbishThe bone is jerky.

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Pick select cuts from online grass-fed beef suppliers for this Labor Day Barbecue Festival.
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3. White oak pasture

This former industrial farm, based in Bluffton, Georgia, began switching to regenerative farming practices more than 25 years ago. With a focus on organic and holistic farming, White Oak Pastures ethically raise 10 livestock species, with efforts to capture soil carbon to neutralize greenhouse gas emissions from livestock.

A zero-waste farm, the company uses every part of the animal after processing. The hides are dried to obtain raw pet hides or made into leather. Fat is served down to tallow; The other parts are composted to serve as compost.

In addition to grass-fed steaks, many other excellent meats are sold here – including poultry, lamb, heritage pork, and iberico pork, as well as specialty meats such as bison, pig, elk and alligator.

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Pick select cuts from online grass-fed beef suppliers for this Labor Day Barbecue Festival.
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4. Dressspring farm

This family-run ranch with seven daughters plows over 46,000 acres of pasture near Mayo, Idaho.

The Alderspring Ranch team is dedicated to animal husbandry farming – a timeless technique that requires close attention to the livestock’s natural inclinations, and to meeting the animals’ needs on their own terms. They also practice “stocking” – the art and science of proper herding.

The beef is purely grass-fed, certified organic without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones or genetically modified organisms Crop feeding. Lamb, pork, poultry, dairy products and locally grown jerky line are called Wild cow Also available.

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Pick select cuts from online grass-fed beef suppliers for this Labor Day Barbecue Festival.
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5. Karman farm

This small group of Oregon ranchers has led a multigenerational family that raises cattle in the state for more than a century. Carman Ranch and its five producers are fully dedicated to renewable farming practices that sequester carbon while restoring and building the soils used for livestock production.

All animals feed on grasses and finish weeds in free range pastures, and they are not fed antibiotics or hormones. In addition to all its steak cuts, Carman Ranch sells lamb, poultry, pork, bone broth, hot dogs, beef sticks, tuna, and cod.

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