Best dog gear for summer adventures

Ready to go out with your furry friend this summer? Whatever your outdoor adventure, we’ve found the best dog gear that will help keep your best friend healthy, active, and safe. You’ll find that these are durable and suitable for most sizes and breeds, whether the plan requires hiking, camping, or a trip to the lake. And if you’re going to be staying local this summer, these items work great at home, too.

Ruffwear Pack Out Bag
Ruffwear Pack Out Bag photo courtesy

1. Ruffwear Pack Out Bag

The most convenient dog bag carrier when there are no litter boxes around, this pack comes in medium and large sizes to stash entire poop bags. You can choose to wear it around your waist or clip it to a backpack. It’s made of waterproof material – essential to prevent leaks and make cleaning easier. In general, it makes shoddy chores relatively painless.


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Alcott Pop Tent
Alcott Pop Tent photo courtesy

2. Alcott Pop Tent

Keep your canine companion protected from rain, wind and harsh sun in his personal tent. It has mesh on all four sides for ventilation, but you can cover it with a cover when the weather is inconvenient. This is also great for preventing any dirt or debris accumulated on your dog from creeping into your sleeping quarters.


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Traactive LTE GPS Dog Tracker
Traactive LTE GPS Dog Tracker photo courtesy

3. Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker

This GPS tracker connects directly to your phone and has unlimited range. It tracks your dog’s activity, while live updates help you keep a close eye on his location. Traactive even warns you when your pet leaves a certain area. Its long-lasting battery lasts up to 5 days, plus it’s water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about bad weather – or an unplanned dip in a lake.

[$49.99 + subscription fees;]

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Rovoire Front Range Dog Harness
Rovoire Front Range Dog Harness photo courtesy

4. Rovoir Front Run Dog Harness

This padded harness comes in different colors and sizes to accommodate all dog breeds. There are two clips, one on the back and one on the chest to prevent pulling. It is made of durable material that is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, and has reflective edges for better visibility at night. It’s the perfect belt for any outdoor adventure.


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Outdoor dog front seat barricade
Outdoor dog front seat barricade photo courtesy

5. Outdoor Dog Front Seat Barrier

For comfort on the road, this bulkhead bridges the gap between the front and back seat, allowing more space for your pets while in the car for longer. It is waterproof for easy cleaning, and can hold up to 100 lbs. There is a flap that bridges the gap above the center console as well to ensure your pet’s safety in the event of a sudden stop, or to prevent them from climbing into the front seat. This is a great investment for road trips with your dog.


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Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar
Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar photo courtesy

6. Blazin Dog Safety LED Collar

With LED lights around the collar, you’ll be able to keep your pet visible even on the darkest of nights. It comes in 4 sizes with easy adjustability and 10 different colors. These lights can be set to three different modes – on, on, and flashing. Charging lasts up to eight hours, which is suitable for long walks and long walks. No matter the weather, this collar will help illuminate your pet for a clear view in low to no-light conditions.


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