Best Backyard Upgrades for Summer Leisure: Furniture, Televisions, and More

Deck envy. It’s something. Same thing in the case of jealousy in the backyard. It’s time to join the ranks of MVP, because your own backyard is the background beer tradeAnd the reading sessions, the WFH marathon, and even more than a few dinner parties this summer. All of this is possible with some strategic backyard upgrades.

Maybe your deck deserves some TLC, or it’s time to fix up your patio. From furniture to fire pits, televisions to projectors, lawn tools to epic grills, here are the backyard upgrades we buy to create a better entertaining space for summer and beyond. PS Just have a small piece of real estate deck? Check out this guide to converting a file small courtyard.

Best Backyard Upgrades for Summer Entertainment

FLOR . area rugs
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In the same way that a rug adds warmth to your indoor space, outdoor lounging areas can enjoy a facelift from these attractive rugs. As it consists of 50cm x 50cm “tiles”, it can be custom made to suit your needs. Go bold with strong hues and patterns, or err on the muted side with neutral colors. We love diversity. Area rugs can be placed in covered spaces (think under a canopy) or in enclosed structures (such as a covered porch). The rug is suitable for regular cleaning, as its upper fibers are made of nylon and PET, while the lining is a composite vinyl (made increasingly of recycled materials). If you’re dealing with spilled wine or other stains, clean the individual tiles in the sink with a mild cleaner.

[From $12-$14 per tile;]

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Sections neighbor
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2. Sectional neighbor

There are backyard upgrades you want and backyard upgrades for you Need. New outdoor furniture falls into the latter category. This new outdoor furniture brand DTC – founded by Tuft & Needle alum – is one to watch if you’re in the market for ultra-chic chairs, partitions, dining sets, and more. A gun for this handsome modular clip with quick-drying foam pads and a solid teak frame. It can be configured to fit the design of your outdoor space no matter how many times you rearrange things. Choose from many colors of water- and fade-resistant fabric.

[From $2,900;]

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Asher 22
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3. Asher 22, wood burning fire pit

Whether you’re using a fire pit as a gathering place for refreshing evenings or to cook dinner, we’re digging into this modern silhouette from designers and developers Courtney and Robert Novogratz. They were best known for their eponymous furniture and homeware line, in addition to their work in American boutique hotels and assignments at HGTV and Bravo. In addition to the 19-inch cooking surface (yes, that means multi-person marshmallow roasting), the kit includes a mesh dome, steel lid, and raincoat.


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SunbriteTV, Veranda LED Outdoor HDR TV
SunbriteTV, Veranda LED Outdoor HDR TV photo courtesy

4. SunbriteTV Veranda Outdoor LED HDR TV (Full Shade)

Why head inside to catch the game when you can watch TV on this 4K LED-backlit screen that’s 50 percent brighter than indoor sets? With SunbriteTV, you don’t have to worry about the elements thanks to its aluminum housing that protects against rain, snow, extreme temperatures, dust, salt, and insects. You also don’t have to worry about getting bored with a simple cable connection and weatherproof media tank to hold your Roku, Apple TV, etc. Built-in speakers are included in this model, but you can also add an external SunBriteTV amplifier.


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StruXure Pergola X
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5. StruXure Pergola X

If you’ve been playing around with the idea of ​​a pergola for a while, now’s your chance to treat yourself to the Pergola X, which features open and close technology and pivots and slides on the pergola to control how much sun enters your home. prove. The cleverly designed vents rotate 170 degrees, so you can decide if you want full sun, no sun, or somewhere in between—no matter what time of day it is. These customizable pergolas include extras like fans, lights, screens, and more, and can be used in the colder months with features like wind sensors and snow and freeze control. After all, backyard upgrades should continue year-round.

[From ~$100 per square foot;]

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Novogratz Bullitt Outdoor Table + Bench Set
Novogratz Bullitt Outdoor Table + Bench Set photo courtesy

6. Novogratz Paulette Outdoor Bolt Table + Seating Set

This dining set is capable of being equal parts fun and style – perfect for suburban backyards. The table is designed to seat four, but six of them can comfortably gather for a barbecue or lunch. Don’t stress if your crew is on the messy side: the faux wood is maintenance-free and the steel frame is weatherproof. Choose from charcoal grey, bright yellow, persimmon or crisp white.


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Spark One Starter Pack
Spark One Starter Pack photo courtesy

7. Spark One Starter Pack

This grill itself is considered the first precision charcoal grill system with temperature control. It combines the taste-enhancing properties of charcoal with the ease of gassing – and its application can transform any user into a backyard grill. Minimalists will love the grill’s clean lines and smooth edges, almost reminiscent of Smeg appliances. The temperature ranges from 250°F to 900°F, so light a fire Pizza package Or pull out your best barbecue equipment for a low, slow signal.


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Modern Bollywood Adirondack Chair
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8. Modern Bollywood Adirondack Chair

What is a deck without an Adirondack chair? Clamp your butt into this sturdy and comfortable model – made from recycled plastic – and you’ll be hard-pressed to get up. It comes with a 20-year warranty, ensuring many happy backyard sessions. Pro tip: take advantage of Ottoman ($109) for added convenience.

[From $239;]

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Novogratz Sally Hanging Swing
Novogratz Sally Hanging Swing photo courtesy

9. Novogratz Sally Hanging Hammock

Relax all day long in this ultra-comfortable swing chair that is both visually appealing and functional. The chair is made of weather-resistant steel and finished with woven wicker. Now all you need is one of The most important new books for 2021 And an afternoon away from the work computer.


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Kaiyo Arhaus Sevilla outdoor swivel chair
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10. Kaiyo Arhaus Sevilla outdoor swivel chair

For an eco-friendly splurge, we’re big fans of Caillou, the online gently used furniture marketplace that offers brands like Restoration Hardware, Design within Reach, West Elm, Room and Board and more. The company contributes to a more sustainable world by purchasing previously owned furniture and Plant a tree for every order completed (as of publication date, Kaiyo has held more than 2,140,566 million pounds of furniture out of landfills). Originally $1,799, these all-season benches, handwoven by Indonesian artisans, are truly a standout. It’s built to last thanks to its weather-resistant polyester rope and rust-resistant aluminum frame.


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Optoma UHD38
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11. Optoma UHD38

Enjoying a crisp, clear picture while lounging on your patio has never been better. This 4K Ultra HD projector is great for your next movie night under the stars (or if you want to take your gaming console outdoors for some fresh air). With stunning colours, high contrast and great brightness, this baby is claimed to offer the lowest input lag on a 4K monitor.


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Bulbrite String Lights
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12. Bulbrite string lights

BullbrightThe front design string lights connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Smart LED lights use much less energy than traditional lights and are weatherproof when taking off, so you don’t have to worry about the elements. Personally, we like antique finish With stained glass and amber threads or Eid style bulbs, but there’s no shortage of great styles and sizes to choose from.

[From $55 for 14-foot Black String Light with 10 bulbs;]

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Husqvarna 220iL Battery Trimmer / Edger
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13. Husqvarna 220iL Battery Trimmer / Edger

Cut the wire with a battery-powered hedge trimmer. The 220iL comes with a push-button boost mode that offers 20 percent more oomph if you’re dealing with some thorny bushes, while a specially designed two-way swivel head controls clippings and debris. At just 10 pounds, it is less cumbersome to hold than other trimmers on the market and features a simple trigger for ease of use.


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Berkley Jensen 6-Lumen Solar Disk Mark Lights
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14. Berkley Jensen 6-Lumen Solar Disk Mark Lights

This set of 6 lights runs on rechargeable batteries – no ugly looking wires required. With a sleek stainless steel finish, the weatherproof lights provide a warm white glow for navigating the patio, garden, or walkway at night. FYI: Sturdy plastic floor stakes are included with your purchase.


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Samsung 75
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15. Samsung 75 Inch QLED 4K Smart TV

If you want to go the luxury route with your outdoor TV, it’s hard to argue with a 75-inch flat screen. This device delivers stunning QLED picture with direct sunlight protection, 4K resolution, and weather-resistant features. It comes with three HDMI inputs, one USB port, multiple voice assistants (including Alexa and Google Assistant), as well as Wi-FI and Bluetooth connectivity.


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Sonos Lunar White Room Smart Headset
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16. Sonos Lunar White Room Smart Headset

Do you leave your screen door open to let little Alexa music out onto the patio? Invest in this weatherproof headphone instead. Connect your smartphone to the speaker via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (or connect your smartphone to the speaker via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (or spring for a second of roaming to create a stereo pair) to stream music, podcasts, or your favorite radio station. The speaker weighs Less than a pound, so it’s easy to carry along to the beach, boat, or your next vacation.


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Claremont Grill Pellet Grill & Smoker
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17. Claremont Grill Pellet Grill & Smoker

This grill and smoker hybrid provides 1400 square inches of cooking space to smoke, grill, bake, sear, charcoal, grill, grill to your heart’s content. We appreciate the large viewing windows, allowing you to check how fresh your food is. The large backlit LCD console contains a temperature gauge and other cooking stats, plus remote Wi-Fi monitoring via the Cuisinart Easy Connect mobile app for a seamless outdoor grilling experience.


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Jasco Enbrighten Wi-Fi Café Lights
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18. Jasco Enbrighten Wi-Fi Café Lights

Shall we have a party? These lights give you 56 different color combinations and six shades of white light to choose from. Get creative with your color schemes for sports watch sessions, holidays, and birthday parties. Everything is controlled via the Enbrighten Wi-Fi app or voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

[$150 for 24-foot strand with 12 lights;]

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