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Everyone loves a good comeback story, however Fanny packs? Who would have expected (or wanted) to welcome these bold accessories back onto the scene? It’s certainly no secret that fashion-makers and tastemakers often dive into the allure of the past. Now, they’re reliving traces of a style from decades past that we hoped it wouldn’t slip away from the ’90s fashion capsule – or at least our parents’ wardrobes. Thankfully, these vintage pieces receive a glow before they once again land on the fashion trends radar (Matching terrycloth sets for the pool, anyone?). But the real find is that fanny bags never deserve their unattractive reputation in the first place – they’re actually some of the greatest equipment you can buy – not just for travel but for everyday use.

Today’s more elegant iterations deserve a new name that avoids the image of a blatantly pronounced American tourist abroad. So let’s put a comment on “fanny” and start calling these handmade bags something else: lumbar packs, waist bags, or even bum bags (thank you, Brits). Whatever label you use, there’s no denying the convenience of storing your basics in one of these bad boys. And the news flashes: You don’t actually have to wear the bag over your waist like a human marsupial hybrid. Go ahead and carry it on your shoulder. Or tie it across the middle section (boom, shoulder bag). Here are six options for placing the “hip” in the hip package.

You want the Les Essentiels Siza ECONYL® waist pack
You want the Les Essentiels Siza ECONYL® waist pack Courtesy Image

1. You want the Les Essentiels Siza ECONYL waist pack

Founded by Canadian brothers Byron and Dexter Burt, Want Les Essentiels designs some of the finest leather goods and gear for the modern explorer. The brand has a line of sustainable bags created in Econyl, a regenerated nylon material made from reused textile scraps, fishing nets, and waste from landfills. Comfortable Siza waist pack takes you from city streets to hiking trails with reinforced crack construction, padded mesh back panel with concealed pocket, and front D-ring for mesh attachments.

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