Bedrock Cairn 3D: The Only Sandals You Need

The other day, a friend asked me if I had a favorite pair sandals. He’s been on the market for some ever since his other husband got the shoe. Giving an equipment recommendation usually includes some follow-up questions, but this one was easy. I looked at my foot and immediately wrote a text on it: Bedrock Cairn 3D Adventure Sandals.

You’ve tried all the brands and styles of summer shoes, but nothing has risen to the top like this comfortable pair of sandals. I’ve been wearing it constantly for the past three years. In fact, I’m wearing them now.

Bedrock Kern 3D Adventure Sandal

Bedrock Kern 3D Adventure Sandal photo courtesy

What is that

Based in Missoula, MT, Bedrock They have been building a range of thick adventure sandals for the past 10 years. The Cairn 3Ds ($115) are the middle ground between the minimalist Cairns ($105) and massive Cairn 3D Pro IIs ($130), and they strike a great balance between low weight and durability. One sandal weighs an average of 10 ounces.

The Cairn 3Ds are designed for hikers looking for extra support on long hikes – but are suitable for walkers, cyclists, and everyday wear – featuring a no-drop, anatomically molded footbed that conforms to the toes and arches of your feet. The outsole is made with XS Trek Regolith compound from Vibram, a viscous material that provides good traction and stability on rough terrain (as long as it’s mostly dry). For more stability in wet conditions, you can upgrade to Cairn 3D Pro IIs.

Cairn 3D’s polyester and nylon belts come with adjustable buckles and military-grade velcro straps, and are built in And The shape that extends from your big toes and hugs your ankles. The design keeps your feet locked in place even when scrambling on plaster or wading in the river. It is flexible but not flimsy; Indestructible but not overrated.

Bedrock Kern 3D Adventure Sandal
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Why do we love it

After three years of testing, Cairn 3Ds have proven to be the best sandals for every type of adventure. You probably log over 1,000 miles in it. I wear them everywhere: walk to the neighborhood park or grocery store, hike through deserts and mountains across the West, climb to hot springs in Taos, bike to the farmer’s market or library, and wade into lakes and streams for a respite from the heat.

I’m not the only one putting serious miles on these sandals: this guy I climbed the entire Pacific Crest path On a pair of bedrock.

Despite all the years and miles, my husband shows no signs of wear other than a little bit of dirt. With the other sandals I wear, I had to replace them when three or four years passed. But the velcro straps, and rubber bands on my Cairn 3Ds are still in perfect condition. Once the sole has worn out – whenever that happens – I can get Vibram rubber at a local shoe store.

Another plus: Unlike other sandals, Cairn 3Ds don’t smell like sloppy feet. I can just spray it with the hose when it gets muddy, dusty or dirty, and it will be smell-free.

I loved them so much that I bought a pair for my husband a year after I got mine. Now he likes Doroc too. Other than running shoes, they are the only things on our feet in the warmer months.


When I first took Cairn 3Ds out of the box, they got used to some. They didn’t rub me or give me blisters, but the thong-style strap and footbed texture looked weird and new on my feet. As with most new shoes, expect a short break.


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