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The 12 week challenge is halfway past and we are looking for moms to become one of our amazing moms motivating mothers For the last month of excitement 12 week challenge Which started in May 2021!

The 12 week challenge is for moms who want an extra boost of motivation and accountability. Challenge participants have pledged to achieve their goal for 12 weeks, and along with receiving a free 12-week Challenge Kit eBook, they also get a chance to win a share of $30,000 in cash and prizes!

Be a motivated mom in the 12 week challenge

We need some amazing moms to be our catalysts in the 12 Week Challenge special support group, to inspire and help the participating moms achieve their goals in Weeks 9 – 12 of the 12 Week Challenge.

To become one of our motivators, you have to be a mother who also participates in 12 week challenge With an incredible story about weight loss. Your transformation journey will be shared with other moms to help empower them to tackle their health, weight and exercise goals.

You’ll also have a list of motivating mommy’s homework over the past month, which includes sharing workout tips, recipes, and photos of smoothies. We will specify this in more detail if you are selected.

What is it for you?

If you’re selected, we’ll send you a $250 healthy moms gift package!

Please enter all of your details below: If you are selected, we will be in touch by email by the end of this week. Unfortunately, due to the huge amount of posts, we are unable to contact all participants individually.

More about the 12 week challenge

● You will commit to the 12-week goal once you join
● You will receive a free 12-week challenge kit filled with everything you need to set your goals, stay motivated and get results
● You can choose to get the Bumper 12 Week Challenge Smoothie Juice Pack to help you kick-start your results
● YOU CAN WIN A SHARE OF $30,000 OF CASH AND PRIZES – Two moms will win $5,000 cash when they submit their results for 12 weeks, and over the course of 12 weeks we’ll have over 200 prizes to win other runner-up prizes!
● Once you join, you get access to the 12 Week Challenge special support group where you can talk to other members of the 12 Week Challenge
● You will have a team of super coaches and motivating moms to motivate and inspire you every day!
● Get non-stop motivation and accountability to keep you on track with your weekly check-in
● Get unlimited access to the 5-star rated Healthy Mummy app with over 450 home workouts, over 4,500 family-friendly recipes and customizable meal plans
● Plus you will get access to new video exercise programs without equipment

You can win over $30,000 cash and prizes

We love giving back to our community and helping keep moms motivated.

As part of the 12 week challenge we will have Over 30,000 USD cash and prizes

This will be divided into

  • Two $5,000 cash prizes for two nations that advance their transformation at the end of 12 weeks
  • Variety of prizes every week including Fit bits, Woolworths vouchers, cash, smoothie And much more
  • We will be running weekly prizes via the Healthy Mummy app and special support groups and winners will be announced weekly

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