Baseline and blending assessment

by Daisy Luther

In the world of fashion (which I’m definitely not a part of), every year there is a color or pattern that is considered “the new black.” This means it’s a new staple, and it works well almost anywhere and in any wardrobe.

The world that I am a part of is a world of survival and preparation, and in our little corner, “gray” is the new black. Yes, I am talking about The Gray Man Principle From just merging into the background no matter where you are. With all Violent splitAnd the Crime escalated, And the Cancellation madnessHiding in plain sight can be your best bet for avoiding trouble.

You may find that this article is more directed towards women but this is just because I used personal examples. Whether you are male or female, the ability to assess baseline and inclusion is a valuable skill.

To be “gray” means to blend with the baseline.

There is a book called Pang left Some people hate it and some people love it. I fall into the “love it” category. The biggest thing that I took out from the book was the concept of “baseline”. This is also something Selco and Toby talked about at length when I attended Urban Survival Course for Women in Croatia A few years ago.

Let’s talk about what a “baseline” is. It is defined simply as “normal for your preparation”. So if you are in a crowded marketplace where everyone is smiling and having a good time and there is someone who looks gloomy and angry, that person is off baseline. If it’s midsummer and people are wearing shorts and flip-flops and you see a guy wearing a jacket, he’s out of baseline.

But it’s not just about how a person might look out of place. It can also be a feeling.

If you are traveling and notice a drastic shift in behavior among the locals, you may experience a change in your baseline. If sellers start pulling their window coverings or shoppers start leaving the area quickly, they may realize there is a threat that you don’t, because you are not aware of the local threats.

So the “gray” appearance differs in different places.

Baseline can also change in other ways. If you are a traveler and are in the midst of a group of tourists, then by all means, look like a tourist if you want to fuse. But if you are in a place where locals congregate, you may want to ditch the maps, cameras, shopping bags and tune things a little. Even the expression on your face can make you stand out for someone who is truly attentive.

An outfit that looks just right in NYC might seem totally out of place in Los Angeles, and vice versa. Something that’s standard in the business area that will make you stand out like a sore thumb at a feed store. But wearing your Carhartt clothes in a neighborhood full of office buildings will make people look twice. If you were going to a music festival in the park, you would dress completely differently than if you were going to church.

If you want to be relatively unremarkable, your goal is to merge with the baseline. For this reason, gray doesn’t necessarily have to be bland and boring. Cute and boring might attract more attention, just like A ‘tactical’ appearance can also attract the wrong kind of attention.

Try to dress similar to those around you if you want to be under the radar. This might mean (as a woman) a sundress, work clothes, jeans and a T-shirt, or sweatpants and a hoodie. Men have their own differences. This doesn’t mean you should give up common sense – you still need to have suitable weather gear (umbrellas, raincoats, and gloves) and practical shoes.

Make a quick change

Blending sometimes requires a quick change. If I was in an area with both tourists and locals, then in some cases I’d be better off if I was more like locals. In the photos below, one is a “happy tourist” and the other is a “bored local”.

Interestingly, the shift from tourist to local took a quick dip in the hammam and took about a minute. I took a jacket out of my bag, buttoned it over the pink shirt, took off the scarf in my bag, peeled my hair into a bun, changed sunglasses, and flipped my bag in the opposite direction where the silver buckles and zippers didn’t pop. And, of course, I put a bored look on my face instead of an enthusiastic smile. Now, I’m not trying to suggest that you can’t tell me I’m the same person but depending on the situation, one of those looks will attract more attention than the other.

Think of simple ways you can quickly change your look to blend in with the people in your area. It might be as simple as switching jackets and throwing out a baseball cap – it all depends on what baseline looks in your vicinity at the moment.

Why do you want to integrate?

I recently wrote about how to do this OPEC is now more important than ever. You can be Publicly crucified for your views Or, I was mocked for a tweet I wrote a decade ago. You can completely lose your livelihood because you don’t live up to Woke Folk’s ever-changing standards.

The USA is a gunpowder box waiting for a spark. If that turns into Hell, appearing as one of hundreds of others makes it easy for you to get to GTFO and reach safety.

And it is not only political.

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If you find yourself in an active shooting situation, would you want to be the one who seems most likely to shoot or the one who seems less likely to stab a man in the neck at the first opportunity? Who do you think has a better chance of getting close enough without looking like a threat? Tactical Tom or the soccer mom who happens to be packing two more Glock 19 and 2 magazines under her flowy hippie shirt. Your appearance and behavior can be down to earth and that can be a huge advantage.

Do you want to appear richer or more important to those around you? This makes you a more attractive target for property crime or ransomware. Want to look like you have enough gear in this Molle holster-covered backpack to reenact Red Dawn? (The first, not the second.) If that is the case, you will be the most interesting person in the SHTF surprise event when everyone else is in desperate need of survival gear.

Just because you might look like everyone else outwardly doesn’t mean that you don’t have a wallet or pockets full of gear, that you’re unarmed, or that you don’t have crazy skills. I might wear a sundress, sandals, and carry a bag with flowers on it, but I would likely have at least 3 weapons trained in how to use them. Someone with whom I felt safe during a SHTF scenario is walking around in slippers and cargo pants 90% of the time but underestimating his skills would be a fatal mistake.

Some things to avoid

In this day and age when even the slightest of things can offend, I tend to avoid wearing anything with political slogans, philosophies, or “offensive” themes. I’m not going out in a shirt either pro-cop or anti-cop. I wouldn’t be wearing black on the outskirts of the “protest” Antifa (however, if I somehow find myself in the middle of a protest, I might wear my black jacket in an attempt to incorporate it so that I can get rid of myself.)

Depending on the political climate where you are, ordinary things can attract negative attention. I never thought we’d see a day when wearing an American flag shirt in the USA could make a person a potential target for violence, but if you were in downtown Portland or Seattle, the odds are always in your favor if you want to wear that.

Your work uniform can also involve you in unwanted interactions. If you are a police officer, soldier, member of the National Guard, or even a healthcare worker, there are people who, literally, shoot for you. At the same time, never forget that when all hell breaks loose, sometimes a paramedic or police officer uniform can get you into places unnoticed because – well, you mingle.

To be clear, I find all of the above extremely upsetting and wrong. But I am also able to understand our current reality.

You might not want to be gray.

I know I know. Reviews will be filled with people who see this as cowardly advice. This happens a lot when I write about the issues of staying this way. Just like I pointed out that survival is just survival. You might think that avoiding combat is a weakness and not a wise strategic choice for fighting at a time when you have the advantages.

Feel free to take this advice in its intended sense – as a way to allow you to navigate without attracting unwanted attention – or not. This advice is closely related to my advice about not putting political labels on my pocket or yard signs proposal to whom my neighbors should vote for. I prefer keeping out of sight and keeping my interactions friendly whenever possible.

If wearing your MAGA shirt at an antifa event is the hill you choose to die on – perhaps literally – then you are entirely within your rights to do so.

The truth remains, for me, I prefer to avoid conflict, especially physical conflict. I am not personally prepared for a T-shirt or baseball cap. exist All kinds of ways to fight the systemBut making yourself the target of potential violence appears less effective.

What is “gray” for your area?

Where do you spend your time, what is the basic look? How is work day clothes different from leisure time clothes? How does everyone dress up to dinner? Are there any particular clothing pieces that might attract particularly negative attention in your area?

Have you made any changes recently to the way you dress or behave in public? What are your thoughts on the merger? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

Source: Organic Prepper

Daisy Luther is a coffee blogger roaming the world. It publishes content about current events, preparedness, and the pursuit of freedom on its website. Organic Prepper. On its new website, Frugalite, They share tips and solutions to help people deal with their personal finances. Republished extensively via alternative media and it sponsors all of the most important news links on its overall site, Daisy is the author of a book 5 published books traditionally And the He runs a small digital publishing company. You can find it at The social networking site FacebookAnd the PinterestAnd the gaveAnd the I amAnd the Speak upAnd the Instagram, And the Twitter.

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