Back to school or back to the machine?

by Jennifer Wood

Whether children will return to open school buildings, equipped with 4 and 5G technology, or return to them god On their home desktops, which are (probably) now equipped with 4 and 5G technology as well, one has to ask: Will there really be a big difference?

In specific cases there will be differences. The choice to make alternative choices is still very important for every child and family. But in general, especially from a health point of view, there isn’t much difference between spending many hours a day with forehead a foot or so away from a computer screen at home – or at school with a teacher or a computer or both, due to radio radiation in the school building . In addition, there is likely to be radiation in the schoolyard, neighborhood, bus to school, and the surrounding city, town, or rural area.

Whether you or your child lives in a remote, rural, neighbourhood, town or downtown gigantic city, every day—unless rational safety limits are set or safe, proven public health technology is enforced and not for the benefit of a small minority—you will be exposed to persistent (and therefore unfair) levels. Safe) from non-thermal and non-ionizing radiation.

And DSL (Digital Subscriber Line for Internet) that runs on rural overhead phone lines in much of the United States and elsewhere, also creates unhealthy electric fields most of the time, along with data transmission and possibly other new technologies. Additionally, installations are often not code-based; For example, that should carry a maximum of 15 servers sometimes holds as many as 50, according to the workers who installed it. The law is not enforced in all rural areas, and probably not even in many towns and cities. Moreover, the symbols themselves often do not protect public health. Besides telephone and electricity lines, cell phone towers are now found almost everywhere on earth. Wireless broadband in space, as of August 2021, is now expanding into the sky; The goal in the near future is global presence. 4, 5 and 6G are being planned and installed or already installed in many regions around the world.


The average child today will live a full life (whether short or long) in a continuous soup of polarized (man-made) electromagnetic radiation with little or no respite. He or she will undergo nanotechnology (which is not currently well understood by most of the population or even our scientists and doctors) as well as seventy or more injected immunization therapies, not all of which will be approved for safety, but implemented under emergency laws, and even some form of The forms of global martial law in which censorship of physicians and scientists is currently prevalent. Global martial law, ostensibly for health and safety purposes, was economically beneficial to the wireless empire and its big brother: Big Tech, which forced everyone to use computers and cell phones for hours on end, on a daily basis, much in the same way that other monopolistic companies took over our way of life in the 1920s.NS century. (General Motors, Standard Oil of California, Firestone tires and other auto-related industries from the 1930s to the 1950s caused many public transit lines to fail, Most residents are forced to buy cars. The resulting pollution and congestion are difficult to describe. Since the 1980s or 1990s, we’ve been exposed to levels a million billion (1,000,000,000,000) times stronger than natural background radiation.. This fact cannot be repeated over and over again considering the frequent denials of contemporary skeptical traders. Scientific studies on health effects abound. To name only a few references, each containing multiple studies: Ronald N. Kostov, Ph.D.; Dr. Zuri Glaser’s marine bibliography of over 3,700 references on biological responses to radiofrequency and microwave radiation, published to May 1976,; EHT’s compilation of published peer-reviewed papers on cell tower radiation…

The lists go on and on.

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Computer models as well as computer usage now dominate not only adult lives but children’s lives as well. There are many influences that are more than skin deep, and covering them all is an enormous task, so let’s start with the skin. The term “screen eczema” was coined by a scientist in Sweden, Ol Johansson In the 1980s or so, when many people, especially female clerical staff, began working long hours at computer screens; They would develop rashes similar to those exposed to excessive exposure to the sun, X-rays, and other forms of radiation, both non-ionizing and ionizing. Several Swedish engineers and workers at Ericsson also experienced screen dermatitis and other effects: eye damage and cataracts from microwave radiation, development of severe sensitivity to light, nausea, dizziness and many other health problems that in some cases became permanently disabled. Babies are not only susceptible to these conditions but to many other conditions related to brain development and pregnancy.

Moreover, children who have developed severe electromagnetic sensitivity are often subjected to physical torture at school or even at home, in addition to bullying and social isolation. Many parents, children, and educators are not adequately informed by our community regarding this explosive condition currently. The industry has spent trillions of dollars on public relations and lobbying campaigns, assuring the public that its products are not unsafe. Systematic mockery of those affected is essential to business as usual. This is not only a crime against humanity, but more specifically, it is a crime against a child who is often forced to deal with a debilitating situation that everyone around him denies. A boy or girl who is punished and ashamed because of his illness suffers from multiple problems on his own, including lost time in studying. The irony is that many of the most serious students of work (or engineers at Ericsson, for example, as well as the most prolific writers etc., are often the ones most susceptible to EMF. This is likely due to the excessive use of the computer, in many often in a wireless environment).

Many scientists and clinicians have written extensively about the effects of wireless technology, cell phones, computers and emerging technologies that have been clearly shown to be not only carcinogenic but influential in many other health conditions including DNA damage – and are often denied and censored. In the past 3 or 4 decades by the communication tycoons and their merchants scholars. Scientists hired by telecom companies were impartially punished and refused to condone the surprisingly disturbing effects of this radiation even decades ago for this radiation and were often censored. Many people are now familiar with stories like scientists Henry Lay Jerry Phillips and many others.

Oncologists like Dr. Lennart HardelThey wrote eloquently and gave powerful lectures on the topic of cancer as well as other cases related to electromagnetic exposure. Hardell was also an advocate of wired internet in schools instead of wireless systems That raises radiation levels dramatically. He also declared Agent Orange a carcinogen several decades ago and rarely makes mistakes. He states that wireless technology should be banned because it has been shown to (influenced by industry) ICNIRP Standards do not adequately protect public health.

To name a few other scientists and clinicians who have studied the harmful effects not only on DNA but on nearly every mechanism and organ in the body, it would be wise for parents to familiarize themselves with the workings of some of the following: Dr. Henry Lay, Dr. Martin BlankAnd Dr.. Reba GoodmanAnd Dr. Andrew MarinoAnd Dr. Nancy WertheimerAnd Dr. Leif Salford, Doctor. Magda Havas Dr. David Carpenter, Doctor, Devra DavisBrain surgeon Dr. Charlie Tew brain surgeon Dr. Keith BlackAnd Dr. Erica Mallory Blythe, Dr. William Rea, And Dr. Carlos Sousa, who wrote one of the first chapters on electromagnetic disease in the Standard Pediatrics textbook. These names are not in any particular order and are not the only experts in this field.

Few advocates who have worked tirelessly for children’s health and safer EMR policies are the Executive Director of EHT, Theodora Scarato, ecologist and founder of EHT, Dr. Devra Davis, world d. Martin Blank, Lawyer Daphna ThatchoverScientist, Doctor of Medicine, Dr. David Carpenter. Oncologist, Dr. Lennart Hardel, Scientist, Dr. Magda Havas, brain surgeon, Dr. Charlie Teo, Physician, Dr. Erica Mallory Blythe, and neuroscientist, Dr. Ol Johansson. Among the many organizations that fight for children’s health and safer technology Environmental Health Trust (EHT) And CHD Children’s Health Advocacy). To name a few of those who advocate the safety of electromagnetic fields in general Doctors for safe technology, People’s Initiative, And We are the guideThis is by no means an exhaustive list. Parents are especially encouraged to do their own research.

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