Awake to Freedom – Puppy Brundtland, Dr. Belpomme, Rea, Sosa and Teo Blazing the Trail for True Health, Freedom from Suffering

by Jennifer Wood

When the Director-General of the World Health Organization and the three-time Prime Minister of Norway elected, Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland She told reporters in 2002 that microwave emissions from cell phones made her sick, one would think the World Health Organization would have taken her seriously, as a trained physician with an additional master’s degree in public health from Harvard in 1965, and decades of medical and political experience since then.

But no: some members of the World Health Organization have pushed the idea that microwave disease, now derisively called “electrosensitivity,” can have a “psychophysical” origin.

Dominic Belbaum

Dominique Belbaum (France): EHS and MCS

It took a French oncologist, Dr. Dominic Belbaum And many other research scientists around the world to show that there are biological signs and ongoing physiological processes that lead to the occurrence of this pest. French researchers, for example, demonstrated in 2005 that electromagnetic fields significantly alter the physiology of the blood-brain barrier for people with electrical sensitivity. The effect of these biomarkers increases and decreases according to the intensity of exposure to electromagnetic fields.


In 2010, Bilbum stated:

We know for sure that EHS is not psychosomatic. Electromagnetic fields elicit significant effects in the brain. The most important thing is the opening of the blood-brain barrier. This allows mercury, organochlorine, and other pollutants to enter the brain, where they cause many neurodegenerative diseases. ”

Belpomme started seeing as many as twenty new cases of microwave illness a week. It uses diagnostic methods based on blood tests as well as pulse Doppler scans of the brain that measure blood flow. Many people with EMF have vascular disturbances in the brain, and several biomarkers, including lots of stress proteins in about 50% of his EMF patients.

All humans and animals are affected by pollutants, especially over time, but some develop a condition in which severe physical reactions occur immediately after exposure. Belpomme describes various causes of this phenomenon. One polymorphism. Because of the innate differences between humans, 30% of the population, for example, is most likely to develop cancer; The same is true of “toxin hypersensitivity”. Another, he claims, is susceptibility to infection due to shared genetic factors. he refers to Dr. Lennart HardelA study of sixteen families in which hypersensitivity to electricity is uncommonly prevalent. The third cause of electrical sensitivity, according to Belpomme, is susceptibility to dental fillings made of mercury and other metals. The antenna effect of metal is likely to have been activated by the rise of microwave frequency radiation beginning in the 1990s, or earlier in some countries.

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Belpomme states that the condition generally goes into two stages: “The first stage is caused by exposure to a specific frequency, either acute or chronic exposure, such as talking on a cell phone twenty minutes each day and developing pain or a sensation of heat in the ear. In the second stage, the patient finds himself intolerant of all frequencies. This is what Dr. William Rea calls the “chain effect,” and its first arrival can be frightening and intense.

Belpomme has worked hard for his patients for many years. In January of 2019, the French court ruled that microwave sickness is an occupational disease that can develop even when levels of radiation exposure, considered “safe” by the government, can still cause worker harm. Nineteen years ago, Sweden officially recognized “electrical hypersensitivity” as an electromagnetic impairment caused by a polluted environment.

his paper,”Electrosensitivity as a newly identified and characterized pathological neurological disorder: how to diagnose, treat, and preventPublished in 2020 in the special issue Environmental Allergic Diseases: Mechanisms and Molecular Signatures By the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

Dr. William Rea

Electromagnetic allergens

Perhaps one of the most independent pioneers of the 20’sNS was the century Dr. William ReaHis chemical injuries forced him to open the world’s largest clinic for people affected by toxic pollutants.

As a Rhea patient, I once had a dream in which I surrounded a group of about two hundred men all pointing my finger at my scrawny, 77-pound body, telling me that my condition of toxic injury wasn’t real. From this group, Dr. Rhea suddenly appeared, standing defensively, reciting medical data and scientific evidence. It was indeed the first time anyone had officially defended me, both in a dream and in real life. The power of this experience, for anyone battling toxic injury and death, is hard to describe in words. No one believed, when initially ill, that such torture and slavery could last for years or that no doctor could really help. When I woke up from a dream it was like waking up from a three-year nightmare. I felt wetness in the edges of my eyes, and thought of the phrase: wWhen the soul of a long-repressed body finds speech… it finally awakens to the possibility of freedom…

In 1991, Rhea was also one of the first doctors to perform a mostly successful double blindness A study on the sensitivity of electromagnetic fields, after eliminating the most accurate human detectors for true EMF versus real EMF pulses, in a four-stage study.

Ria contract World Chair for Environmental Medicine For many years and personally saved my personal life as well as the life or critical health conditions of many others including Dr. Carlos Sosa.

Dr. Carlos Sousa

Dr. Carlos Sosa MD- EMF TENT

Doctor trained in multiple medical fields, Dr. Carlos Sousa From Medellin, Colombia.

Together with the world of environmental toxicology, Doctor. Magda HavasHe was instrumental in obtaining a declassified US Navy bibliography on the health effects of electromagnetic fields to which they comply. Dr.. Zory Glaser to the public. He has also collected and distributed a huge amount of scientific evidence and international studies on this subject. His EMI became so bad at times that he had to live in a tent in the woods, at certain intervals of months and even years. He went to the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas several times, and studied deeply the work of Dr. William Rea. There are more than four thick and fascinating volumes about the effects of various environmental toxins.

In 2020, Dr. Sosa wrote a chapter on electromagnetic disease that was published in the Spanish Standard Medical Textbook on Pediatrics in Emergencies: urgent child.

Sosa states that the toxic nature of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is a clearly established fact according to the international medical literature accumulated over the past 250 years. The causal relationship between exposure to electromagnetic fields and a wide variety of multisystem diseases and imbalances has been shown to satisfy the epidemiological concepts of Koch-Henley medical causation, as well as the Bradford-Hill and Sauser criteria.

The explosive growth and use of wireless technologies over the past several decades has resulted in a serious medical problem of the size of the planet as the incidence of devastating impairment due to microwave diseases and electrical allergies has increased. Damage to the autonomic system and immune dysregulation are but two sides, among many aspects. According to Dr. Sosa and several independent physicians, it is urgent that the medical profession become aware of the clinical and pathophysiological implications of exposing children to radiation and the “adverse effects of this on health, neurological problems during pregnancy, and cognitive impairment.”

I had the great honor of becoming friends with Dr. Carlos Sosa when he stayed at my home in the quiet Green Bank Radio District while he was very ill in 2018. He has worked with me on many advocacy issues related to the health effects of EMF; Legal and medical challenges are often labyrinthine in nature due to bias in government agencies influenced by corporations and the often censored press; It is a long and endless struggle. Despite the great physical suffering, Dr. Sosa (and his sons) had a wonderful sense of humor and a brilliant mind.

Unlike some doctors, he has no arrogance. You only find humility, dignity, integrity, and generosity that we rarely encounter in modern life. Given his dual experience of being both a patient and a physician, he probably understands the issues of toxicity, in and out, and from multiple perspectives better than almost anyone. The first thing that struck me about Carlos Sosa was his deep compassion for all people and the conditions of human suffering. Currently, Dr. Sousa is studying the use of medical ozone therapy for various conditions.

Dr. Charlie Tew

Renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Charlie Teo advocates for the right to know cell phone radiation

Another independent thinker, Dr. Charlie Tew He is a world-renowned neurosurgeon due to his status as a “miracle agent” using minimally invasive or “keyhole‘ Neurosurgery. In recent years, the role of microwave radiation from wireless devices in brain tumors has been recognized. Recently gave a lecture with the Nobel laureate, Dr.. Devra Davis. (3-minute summary of the main points of the longer video over here.)

The development of our understanding of human health always owes a great debt to the pioneers and pioneers, to their efforts which shall prevail against fierce opposition.

“Never be afraid to do the right thing, especially if human or animal welfare is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our souls when we look the other way.” – Martin Luther King Jr

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