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When it comes to pollutionThere are few industries that have a worse track record than the mattress trade. Most sleepers are built using cheap materials including plastic foam, toxic adhesives, and chemical flame retardants — all of which are Harmful to you and the environment. Not to mention that Americans are getting rid of a caliber An estimated 20 million mattresses and box springs each year– Caused in part by the increase in 100 days of free trial.

This endless cycle of waste inspired the birth of avocados in 2016. Over the past few years, the brand has garnered dozens of awards and accolades and built a huge following. We’ve been sleeping on an avocado mattress for the past few months, and based on our new addiction to the snooze button, we can strongly attest that the hype is justified.

Avocado mattress details
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What is this

The Avocado Green Mattress is a certified organic mattress made from natural materials including organic latex, organic wool, and organic cotton. Aside from the materials, its construction is also unique: the layers of each avocado mattress are hand-tufted, using long steel needles and cotton ribbons. The end result is a very durable mattress that does not require toxic adhesives to hold it together.

In addition to excellent natural cushioning and permanent bonding, the mattress includes a Quantum Edge Elite Combi-Zone internal spring system designed to provide excellent support while also relieving pressure points. To achieve these goals, the design uses more than 1,400 recycled steel coils paired with a reinforced steel perimeter. By using coils of different sizes in specific areas, the spring system creates different comfort zones that provide tailored support and softness while aligning the curves of your body, and the steel contour keeps the mattress sagging at the edges under your weight.

The mattress I tested also came with an optional European-style pillow top, a luxurious addition that gives you an extra two inches of organic latex foam. Avocados together are 13 inches thick and provide a relatively stable feel and are best for side or group sleepers.

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Why do we love it

The combination of premium organic materials, Avocado’s innovative coil and foam system results in a sleep experience like no other. Latex foam provides natural temperature control, so you’ll never feel too hot or too cold in bed. Organic fleece is moisture wicking and antimicrobial to keep your bed fresh, and is naturally fire-resistant, eliminating the need for chemical fire retardants (another group of harmful compounds found in most mattresses). In addition, the organic cotton used for this button-up mattress cover is super soft and breathes well for ultimate comfort. Add the latex pillowcase, and I felt like I was falling asleep in a five star hotel every night.

In addition to the natural cooling and comforting properties of its organic materials, an avocado mattress provides plenty of support. The internal spring system successfully reduces motion transmission and annoying pressure points, and molds to your body to keep your back straight and pain-free. I also appreciate the reinforced contour, which provides even support so you never get that feeling of falling when you roll over to the edge of the bed.

When it’s time to put your head down, the material and design of the mattress are most important. Avocados excel there, but the company’s values ​​and unique production process also set it apart from the packaging. The company has prioritized sustainability since its launch and has worked to reduce excess carbon emissions at every step. To make this happen, Avocado has taken over the entire “farm-to-bedroom” production process — from the farms that produce the organics to their manufacturing facility in California. In particular, building relationships with farms in India has allowed the company to manage quality control more carefully and ensure humane conditions and fair wages among its suppliers.

In 2019, avocado is official Certified Climate Neutral As the first mattress brand in the world to achieve net negative carbon emissions. There is a lot to like about a company that goes the extra mile to take care of the environment, its employees, and its customers as well. Avocados check all of these boxes. It also provides an excellent sleeper that is well worth the investment.


The mattress is delivered in a box and is very heavy. For example, the pillow top version can range from 80 pounds (twin) to 166 pounds (California king). This makes moving and setting up the mattress somewhat difficult, although the Avocado’s built-in side knobs help with this process greatly.

Additionally, the $1,900 Queen with pillowcase (or $1,500 without the pillowcase) is a lot more money than other options on the market. But if you look away, this is an investment that will pay off every night for years to come.

[Starting at $999;]

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