August Harvest vs. EMF/RF/5G; Communication ‘science’ versus health, insight and wisdom for a new age

by Patricia Burke

I was recently speaking with one of the most intelligent individuals I know, my friend Mark.

We are both well aware of issues related to health and environmental hazards of various environmental stressors, including magnetic fields for utility infrastructure, and microwave radiation obtained from wireless devices.

We have both taken the leap of faith to work with individualized and alternative approaches to chronic, long-term health challenges, rather than relying on mainstream medical interventions and drugs.

I can not tolerate salicylates, he does not tolerate oxalate. We don’t get into a battle of wills over who is right about health. We share a higher ground of diversity and inclusion. We can talk freely about anything, because we share a love of respectful inquiry. We understand that health is an individual journey.

We both realize that the point of understanding the dominant culture of the wireless issue is insufficient. Science will reach a critical mass point where inaccurate belief systems will be shattered. Harm and corruption are undeniable, just like the issue of glyphosate and other chemicals still found in industrial agriculture.

I am sure of this. We are on the right side of history.

Another way to describe our dynamic together.

All of us have gone through the trauma of betrayal of realizing that the authoritarian structures that dictate our lives increasingly operate from the love of power rather than the power of love.

Once this dynamic is recognized, it becomes easier to identify other models of control, to the detriment of evolution.

Bright green lies

One of my favorite descriptions of a necessary paradigm shift requirement is illustrated in the recent contribution of Bright green lies.

The work describes how the environmental movement was chosen to support industrial capitalism. It justifies gross violations of human rights, property rights and environmental justice.

Wayshower points out the need to upgrade society’s belief systems regarding industrial farming. Now, sustainability and energy policy is in focus. It will follow telecommunications and healthcare policy.

This kind of questioning and love of truth is dangerous for lovers of power.

I live, breathe, and love these movements. This is the task of our generations.

Real science and respect for real scientists by just sticking to it

On August 21, 1980, New York times She reported that Cornell University’s beloved Professor William Keaton is dead, noting his contributions to understanding homing pigeon navigation.

Memorial Explained Written by Stephen T. Emlin,


Professor Keaton demonstrated a kind of scientific research that is a sign of extraordinary and untapped potential at this time on Earth.

When the researchers published findings that conflicted with his findings, he invited them to his lab to collaborate together in the search for truth and understanding.


When investigation is not governed by profit, greed, arrogance, competition, fear, and ego, “science” has the opportunity to develop at a dramatic pace.

This is the promise of heaven on earth.

Mark’s reflections on current health challenges and the narrative around them

So the last time my friend Mark called, he asked me, “What do you think of….the current issue of health care being widely censored, which has led to a broad split in the population.”

I didn’t know what to say. Now I know.

  1. increase polarization

There was a time when the neighbors of different political parties could mingle together, and then great polarity ensued.

There was a time when neighbors did not feel threatened by the individual health care choices of their neighbors, and even their partners and family members. Now, another layer of contentious detachment arises.

  1. group psychosis

I’ve heard people I respect a lot talking on both sides about this issue Mark asked me about.

This issue is on the lips of every politician who talks about the virus and the climate, to justify every company and industrial investment under the sun.

When Mark called, I simply said, “I really don’t know what to think about this health issue.” I have friends who post memes and accusations that are very clear and opinionated, near and far, about other people’s decisions and choices.

There are a lot of conflicting accounts that don’t make sense.

I feel certain of my feet on the issue of wireless, renewable farming, and the weaponization of the climate narrative.

I was silent on the other subject. I was listening, watching, processing, and waiting for clarity.

But then a week later, I received a link to an unusual 22-minute video by the Academy of Ideas that gave me the answer I was looking for.

Clarity does not come.

Universal Psychology – How an Entire Population Becomes Mentally Disturbed

The answer was that my confusion is on purpose.

“In this video we will explore the most dangerous psychological epidemic, mass psychosis. Group psychosis is an epidemic of insanity and occurs when a large part of society loses touch with reality and descends into delusions. This phenomenon is not out of imagination. Two examples of mass psychosis are the American and European witch hunts in the sixth century XVII and XVII and the rise of totalitarianism in the twentieth century.

This video aims to answer questions related to group psychosis: What is it? How do you start? Has this happened before? Shall we test one now? And if so, how can the stages of mass psychosis be reversed?

(This video was created in association with the Academy of Ideas. They create videos that explain the ideas of the great thinkers of history in order to help provide the world with more knowledge, empower the individual, and advance freedom. Please check out their YouTube channel for more great content. Or visit their website to learn more “

  1. Confusion and deception are a weapon

As soon as I saw the video (which one can simply listen to without having to see the pictures), everything changed for me.

I have come to realize that confusion is itself a weapon, no less dangerous than gaining a job as a weapon in illness.

While watching the video, I was vaccinated against confusion.

I’m actually not confused.

It is my right to remove myself from confusion, and to seek the company of extraordinary individuals who reflect William Ketons’ position in the world. These inquirers understand the danger of censorship. They seek to include data that changes the model. They want to know about black swans. They don’t resort to war games. They don’t make data.

These are individuals who are working to free themselves from the emotional charge that prevents them from reaching their full intellectual potential and compassion.

They disassemble themselves and, in doing so, do not need to exclude others in order to protect their own mind.

In the golden age, humanity is constantly seeking deeper knowledge and understanding. In the age of darkness, wisdom and even accumulated wisdom are suppressed.

Can we make different choices?

I suspect we are on the cusp of another rights curtailment, which will be fueled by different narratives and different vested interests. It seems hard to fathom how there hasn’t been more scrutiny of the amount of money that has been concentrated in the bank accounts of those who benefited from last year’s debacle of capitalism.

If this happens again, can we make different choices?

Rainer Maria Rilke wrote in his letter to Franz Xaver Nightmare, a 19-year-old officer and aspiring poet, on July 16, 1903:

“…I would like to beg you, dear master, as much as I can, to be patient with all that is unresolved in your heart and to try I like the same questions As if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Do not look for answers that cannot be given to you now, because you will not be able to live them. The point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, some day in the future, you will gradually live your way to the answer, without even noticing.”

Even if the culture collapses, there will be individuals who live extraordinary lives and reach an evolutionary path.

They will be the ones who do not operate under a state of existential terror that justifies cruelty, force, cynicism, exclusion and other abuses. They will see through Corporate narratives, because they understand the active signature of lies. They have a good ability to detect BS evidence-based decision making, and they will not accept that.

But their focus will be on kindness. They will cultivate participation and community, against all odds. They will have mastered the method of beauty.

If your mind and heart are polarized between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, you’ve missed the boat.

It’s not about getting the right answers or beliefs about the unfolding medical mess. It is about mastering how you treat others, even when you are socially in a state of terror and detachment.

research Reports indicate that many people have had close friends less than 25 years ago. apart that.

Be of service in any way that makes your heart sing.

And give up paying for wireless. It is also by design.

Read more:Panic pandemic – Fear of journalists, scientists and politicians has done more harm than virus “by John Tierney.

Top image courtesy If a student

Watch the full August Harvest series Here.

What do you think?

Written by Joseph

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