August Harvest vs 5G; The militarization of the United States and its colonization of other countries to fuel space wars in exchange for measures of moderation

by Patricia Burke

On the planet of madness:

…when instruments of war cut flight on a reusable rocket launched into space, which is supposed to provide global wi-fi …touted as a sign of progress.

We Invited Not Being hypnotized by terms such as “reusable missiles” and “global wi-fi”.

Or tackling the digital divide… or artificial intelligence, virtual reality, the Internet of Things, and 5G.

Let’s learn about industrial capitalism now extending into space. “Enough is enough.”

New Zealand protests, solstice 2021 against the weaponization of space, have you seen this is the news? (No you did not)

“And the New Zealand Missile Laboratory shall not be sold to the American Military Industrial Corporation” – Laurie Ross, Peacemakers free of nuclear weapons

On June 21, 2021, New Zealanders gathered in Auckland to protest the weaponization of space, led by the United States.

New Zealand protest – ‘Stop the militarization of space’

Stop the militarization of space in protest of the “New Zealand Missile Laboratory” on June 21, 2021 in Auckland – asks the government and the CEO of the space industry to reject US military space missile payloads to target warfighting. Speakers also present the risks to health and the environment from the proposed 100,000 dual-purpose civil/military satellites. This public event promotes New Zealand’s nuclear-weapon-free peacemaking policies and the Outer Space and High Altitude Activities Act. However, OSHAA regulations must be improved to preserve “Space for Peace Aotearoa”. This would require an amendment to ban the launching of missiles for military weapons and satellites that contribute to the infrastructure of war. In addition, the New Zealand government should actively follow the United Nations Treaty to Prevent an Arms Race in Outer Space to protect the heavens and earth of mankind.”

See a map of US military bases abroad over here.

Hawthorne, California 2021 protests in SpaceX, have you seen this is the news? (No you did not)

You may not have seen anything in the mainstream about moderation day of protest It was held in March 2021 at SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California and elsewhere as well.

“Join us and people around the world as we demand an immediate halt to 5G satellites and technology on Earth and in space unless they are proven safe…as we call for safer and wiser technology choices. As many as 100,000 Earth-orbited satellites have been approved Low, supplementary ground stations, and millions of other cellular antennas (also known as user stations) have been approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).SpaceX and other companies are now deploying satellites to provide 5G wireless internet to every corner of the world, covering the planet. Entirely radioactive with potentially disastrous consequences for all life.”

1981-1983 Greenham Commons protests, have you read the history of US use of electronic weapons against women protestors? (No, you probably didn’t)

as told by Imperial War MuseumAnd

In 1981, a group of women, outraged by the decision to place cruise missiles (nuclear guided missiles) in the UK, organized a protest march from Cardiff, Wales to Greenham Combined Air Force Base near Newbury in Berkshire. Here they established what became known as the Greenham Women’s Camp for Common Peace.

Between 1981 and 1983 protesters attempted to disrupt construction at the base. Their methods included besieging the base and cutting off parts of the fence. In December 1982, more than 30,000 women gathered in Greenham to rally around the base at the “Embrace the Base” event. “


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Wikipedia also chronicles the protests, but what Wikipedia does not mention is that the women of Greenham Commons have been subjected to some form of electronic weapons by the United States government.

As I mentioned PowerwatchAnd

Alasdair Phillips, a professional engineer, was the newsletter editor for a group called Electronics and Computing for Peace. He and his colleagues were investigating the alleged (mistaken) use of non-lethal electromagnetic weapons by the military, one example of which is the “zapping” of women protesting for peace. At Greenham Common – an RAF base used by the US military as a cruise missile base.When they visited Greenham Air Base, they measured microwaves, modulated amplitude at very low frequencies, directed directly at women by the US military.Interestingly, that This was confirmed to Alasdair at a meeting where he was speaking by senior UK Home Office officials at the Mobile Phones and Health Impacts conference held in Whitehall, London, in 1996″

A September/October 1996 report by Microwave News covered the story over here.

As Microwave News Editor Louis Silesin writes: article In 1987 to Nation about women.

“The women at the Greenham Joint Peace Camp fear that they are the victims of a strange radioactive experiment. They cannot prove that they are collapsing, they say, nor have they been able to persuade anyone to consider their allegations. Despite the protest over cruise missiles at the air force base The American South of England, now five years old, is a universal symbol of the peace movement, the complaints of the women were dismissed as delusions by all but a few sympathizers.The problem began two and a half years ago, when a number of off-base vigils began to suffer from Painful headaches, unexplained anxiety, and abnormal menstrual cycles.The women tested food and water but found nothing that could explain the symptoms; they began to suspect some kind of law-level radiation.

The radiation in question at Greenham differs from that associated with nuclear weapons or X-rays: it is non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (NIER) – commonly called microwaves. NIER-based technology is used everywhere at Greeham — for radars and electronic warfare systems, for military communications networks and power lines, and for microwave ovens and intruder detection systems. With so many sources, women may suffer from accidental exposure to a stray NIER. Partly because medical problems emerged when the Greenham protester was three years old, and partly because the military and civilian authorities tried practically everything to force them to abandon their peace camp, a number of women believed the radiation was being fired at them on purpose. Experts agree that NIER can affect behavior, but the question is whether the radiation can be harnessed and used on people at a distance. Through its MKULTRA program, the CIA began searching for the answer in the early 1950s. In research on “The Prismatic Candidate,” published in 1979, John Marks stated that in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the CIA told him it had an area full of files on electromagnetic and related techniques for changing behavior and stimulating the brain. The agency refused to release the papers and remained classified. Although the yoke could be used on people, the appeals of the Greenham women for help were ignored.”

the guardian The story has reportedly been covered in articles including “Women of Peace Fear Al-Qaeda’s Cyber ​​Launch” (guardian, March, 10:3, 1986). The reference cannot be accessed online via guardian Archives under the author’s name or article title.

Most people on the planet today do not have the historical perspective of the news media regardless of their corporate and military objectives. Many operate under the cloak of darkness.

“Humans must consider our place in nature”

The treatment is transparency and light. and mercy. and humility. and awareness.

“Men must regard our place in nature, not as its masters, and become those who control it, as creators of all, but rather in our being, as another part of the living world. Humanity must reject the domination of civilization over nature. To resist Machine, one must come to terms with biology, rejecting that mechanical mind which causes us to oppose nature to nothingness.” – Donovan Cleckley, The despised of the earth, audit Bright Green Lies: How the Environmental Movement Lost Its Way and What We Can Do About It

More than one writer noticed that they have a lot of land resources Not It was so devoted to aggression, competition, and war, that there were sufficient resources, throughout the world, to provide adequate care, to meet recent health challenges.

Watch a beautiful protest display from Scotland, “Enough, haven’t I given you everything you need?”

Enough is Enough by Karine Polwart, Oi Musica, and The Soundhouse Choir

Spring Equinox for September 2021, how will you celebrate nature, balance and the right rhythm of the quarter?

Meditate, pray, sing, drum, dance, mourn, post on social media, protest in the streets, donate quietly, educate yourself, talk to family and friends, buy wired devices, get rid of intrusive wireless devices, and start turning your Wi-Fi off WiFi at night, turn off your phone, do a conscious digital detox…..

And spend time gratefully with nature.

to remember.

Please, no spectators. All hands are required on deck. Mother Earth is calling.

There will also be a meditation session to celebrate the equinox on September 22, and an educational webinar hosted by Stop5GInternational on Sunday September 26. Don’t miss the chance to be a part.

Photo courtesy Flo Student

Watch the Harvest . series over here.

What do you think?

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