August Harvest (versus EMF/RF/5G) – Tribute to Professor Ol Johansson celebrating his birthday on August 13

by Jennifer WoodDennis Rowland Kristen Zipps

You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. – Ayn Rand

For more than five decades, neuroscientist Dr. Ol Johansson has conducted diligent research, producing more than 800 publications, despite many obstacles. As most people know today, the regulated world has extensive influence over institutions, governments, and the press, and withholds money from scientific studies that are critical to public health and the environment, in favor of others that are more supportive of the industry. The list of Dr. Johansson’s accomplishments is quite long. To find out more about it, click here: Doctor. Ol Johansson. It is very important that we, as citizens of the world, provide the required support for the necessary scientific studies that will ensure the survival of humanity at this crucial point in time.

Due to financial constraints, Professor Ole Johansson was unable to conduct research, which is vital to the continuity of every species on planet Earth, so today we are launching birthday fundraiser To contribute to making this humble man’s dream, of studying the dramatic reduction of pollinators around the world, a reality.

No bees = no food = no children: Kristen Zipps interviews Professor Ol Johansson

we They are all aware of the significant decrease in the Pollinators around the world. Birds, bats, bees, butterflies, beetles, and other small mammals that pollinate plants are directly responsible for bringing about one in three bites of food. They also preserve our ecosystems and produce our natural resources by helping plants Reproduction. vaccination Animals pass from one plant to another carrying pollen on their bodies in a biological reaction that allows the transfer of genetic material necessary for the reproductive system of most flowering plants – the same plants that…

  • Bring us countless fruits, vegetables and nuts,
  • Provides half of the world’s oils, fibers and raw materials
  • prevent soil erosion,
  • and increased carbon sequestration.

the Thus pollinators transfer pollen grains to a stigma, ovule, flower or plant to allow fertilization. Among the various representatives, perhaps the most famous are honeybees, on which many flowers depend for pollination.

in a Many countries, more than 75% of pollinators have disappeared and desperate measures It has beenI tried in order to continue to produce food. Without the latter, we may soon be at the true end of the world of hunger, multiplication in the first place our sons.

Scientists They have already shown adverse effects of cell phones on honeybee welfare, but more knowledge must be put on the tables of our politicians responsible for agriculture as well as public health, both nationally and internationally.

we We should err on the side of safety rather than keep saying we don’t have complete evidence of a problem. The current body of research revealing the serious threat to the planet and human health from current wireless technology provides enough data for scientists to call for an immediate and gradual return to wired systems, protecting against artificial electromagnetic signals that disturb our vital pollinators.– Ol Johansson.

Professor Olle Johansson and his research collaborators are independent of the industry, political and financial sectors, and work only for us. Much research will be conducted in Switzerland and Olle Johansson will require funding to embark on this project.

No research funding for Olle Johansson = no study. No study = no policy. No politics = no solution. No bees = no food. No food = no children

What is your legacy? We urge you all to donate and share widely with all your contacts and spread our appeal to every corner of the world, where every donation will count.

Be one of the many philanthropists supporting Professor Ol Johansson’s research project by adding human power for him Searching for bees For the next generations.

As Professor Johansson said…”He. She Not really for me, but for bees, for food production and for children, now and in the future. I’ve had my fair share of food, but the kids haven’t. will that they…?

Happy Birthday from Kristen Zipps, Dennis Rowland, Jennifer Wood, And many others!


To support Professor Ol Johansson’s efforts:

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