August Harvest (for 5G) Festival and manual labor; Wise words about recovering skills, crafts, and tools (no technology)

by Patricia Burke

“Make no mistake, we choose to abandon the world that robs us of our choices and steals our skills.”

On her blog, “Wordcraft & Musing on Home & Hope,” Elisa Daly shares her thoughts on the Harvest Festival and Lugh’s Blessing, over here.

“We are very fond of the tools we have made. We think these tools have freed us from hard labor, manual labor, and backwork; but it seems to me that we are working harder than ever. We use and abuse our hands and backs now, but we are making nothing out of skill. We are busy And that’s it.”

“Our economic system cannot tolerate skilled people. If we could do things for ourselves, we would not need to buy things.”

“Those who have put themselves in charge, claiming a unique understanding of the zeitgeist, tell us that we must preserve the current system at all costs. Well, of course they say this; they benefit from this system. If change continues as it is, they probably will not be in a position to They are allowed to narrate our lives to us – while they get paid big for doing so. They oppose everything that threatens this situation. Our influencers especially hate any suggestion that society is heading towards the local, small, hand-hewn human ends of energy and resource use.”

“They admit that things are deteriorating. However, in their mind, the cracks are only revealing untapped markets, new income streams, and more things that we can buy. And they urge us to go out and buy those things in order to continue to support this failed mess.”

“Building a world that thrives within the limits and means of this planet”

“These tips for keeping the growth machine running are in direct conflict with evidence from around the world that shows that far from becoming miserable losers, those who participate in de-growth, in building a world that thrives within the limits and means of this planet, are the most creative people They are not noisy. They are skilled. They may not be loud, and they may indeed be quiet, but they are by no means despondent. They live a life of abundance.”

“We are redefining ourselves with our own hands. We are rediscovering our joy in productive creativity. We are reclaiming our skills.”

Log must be giving us his blessing. Let us, in turn, give him due honor.”


Yes, for many, times have been a change.

See Elisa Daly’s list of great people who do great things, over here.

Connected farming courtesy of Flo a freshman.

Watch the full August Harvest series over here.

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