August 1 Harvest Festival and Beach Protest against 5G, Nature-Deprived Communities…Data

by Patricia Burke

The beginning of August presents the celebration of the harvest festival.

However, most of those who live in “modern” societies do not realize the importance that this time of year holds.

Industrialization brought many innovations. But along the way, humans have lost their understanding of the natural order of the world.

Increasingly, many believe that the fifth generation and the drive to colonize space has led to the dynamism of separation and exploitation to the point of critical mass.

One solution is to start swimming against the tide of industrial consumer culture and the impetus of disastrous capitalism, and re-establish respect for nature as the basis for societal and personal decisions.

Whether it is food supply, chemicals, plastics, healthcare, energy or communications, a new day of thought is a dawn for many. Many members are rejoining.

Celtic wheel and cross quadrants

Before sunrise, the ancient Egyptians watched the emergence of the dog star Sirius in the east. It coincided with the annual flood of the Nile River and the planting season.

Over the millennia, cultures have inherited accumulated wisdom from previous generations about how to live in harmony with nature.

One of the most important tools for harmonizing with the rhythms of the planet, lost in modern times, is to recognize the influence of the timing of the new and full moons in relation to the beginning of the seasons.

General turning points They are the winter solstice (about December 21), the vernal equinox (about March 21), the summer solstice (about June 21) and the autumnal equinox (about September 21). The major Celtic holidays of the year, also known as “Quarterly Festivals” fall between the four intersecting quadrants; Embolk (February 1), Beltin (May 1), Legnasad (August 1) and Samhain (October 1).

Here we are in Legnasad.

harvest! Gannasad or Lamas, one of the important and sacred Celtic holidays of the year: LOO-nah-sah, loo-nə-sə

“In Lammas, sometimes called Gannasad, it is time to celebrate the first harvest of the year, and acknowledge that the hot days of summer will soon be over. Spring plants wither and drop seeds to ensure future crops. The grain is ready to be harvested and the fruit is ready to be picked. We can thank the food at our tables.

Langnasad means the funerary games of Lough (pronounced lo), in reference to Lough, the sun god. With the onset of autumn, the Celtic sun god enters his old age, but is not yet dead. God symbolically loses some of his power as the sun rises farther in the south each day and the nights grow longer.

Christianity adopted this topic and called it “Lammas”, meaning “a loaf block”, While freshly baked loaves of bread are laid on the altar. An alternate date is sometimes observed around August 5 (Old Lamas), when the sun reaches 15 degrees Leo.

This important and sacred Celtic holiday was one of thanksgiving and celebration. With the joy of a bountiful harvest, our ancestors would burn bonfires on the hilltops and dance all night long. This was a time of gratitude and a day to honor the Celtic GodLog.”

From chemical toxins to electromagnetic pollution

Man’s endeavour is out of sync with the cycles of nature. For example, for challenges in the garden, including pests, mold, mildew, and root rot, the unthinking industrial response is to use synthetic chemicals, without realizing that problems are often caused by a lack of awareness of the “right timing” of watering and planting and harvesting, including practices to “push” production, discarding the right tunes.

Like the need to keep adding more and more medications to treat the side effects of other medications, the cycle continues with the same feeding.

Societies of wisdom would never have considered using toxic chemicals, or putting poison on the food supply. Many informed consumers are now making their own choices to reject the practices, while Monsanto’s lawsuits are slowly making their way to court — unlike tobacco, asbestos and other products that are widely assumed to be safe.

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Now, many are questioning the impact of abnormal electromagnetic radiation powering wireless applications, galvanizing around 5G, Wi-Fi from space, and other dual-use applications of untested, military, and monetary surveillance technologies for health and environmental impacts.

Unthinking acceptance of chronic, cumulative, and overlapping exposures to both chemicals and electromagnetic frequencies are symptoms of a larger problem.

This goes back to the church’s campaign to control the population by controlling the calendar, cutting off the relationship between humans and nature…for example, by eliminating Celtic culture, destroying cultures compatible with the correct rhythms in nature.

It’s time to fix this wireless mess now

Agricultural cultures have coined countless logical terms. One refers to “close the barn door after the horse has withdrawn,” referring to trying to prevent or correct a problem after the damage has already occurred.

This is the beginning of our series of articles coinciding with The Harvest, and running on Monday, August 2nd. On August 1, Nature invites you to give thanks to Harvest, bake some bread, spend time with nature, and join Beach Action against 5G.

Watch the previous 5G/EMF/RF series here:

Join the action at the beach on Sunday, August 1st!

Please write a Stop 5G + Region/Country message in the sand – this can be done in a thumbnail and make it look big – and post the image on Global Protest and Media as well as on social media!

No beach in sight? Then place them on the sidewalk, use pots of plants in your garden, or sticks and stones in a nearby garden! Whatever your choice, please join the action – imagine thousands of Stop 5G messages flooding beaches and parks as well as media and social media!

Here is the link to the Global Protest Group:

And this is the email address of Stop 5G International: [email protected]

Market scene art in the top photo courtesy of Flo a student

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and advocates internationally for new biologically based limits for microwave radiofrequency exposure. It is based in Massachusetts and can be accessed at [email protected].

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