Are you really ready to get rid of bugs on the foot? Pay attention to this deadly desert crossing cautionary tale

by JG Martinez

Despair can be a powerful motivator.

I want to share a story that I relate strongly to, although I haven’t experienced this to the same degree. hopefull Start To browse what the immigrants in this story had to endure. Most Venezuelans lack the preparation that the great outdoors require. Many have never felt the need to prepare for anything.

I know what this looks like. But I have to admit to the excessive abundance of lazy and unproductive people in my country who watch too much TV and eat too much junk food. Those who try Bug out By foot I don’t know what to get into. Some of them drag their children after them. There is no official record of the number of “Desert Walker” who have gone missing in the desert at this point. I have a feeling that some have died.

The Here is the story of Venezuelan immigrants Who crossed one of the world’s most dangerous deserts, northern Chile, on foot.

Desert crossing

She was Chile The destination of immigrants In thousands. They either knew someone in Chile or went hoping to find a job and a place to live. The Chilean government’s response was initially more or less neutral, and may have been “warm”. However, once Chile noticed an increasing number of illegal violators committing crimes, they began to close the gates. (The fear of losing legal status and repatriation is so high that the risk would make most of the Venezuelan immigrants Going to gray as possible.)

Regular people, without basic survival skills or training, printed a map and learned to use a compass. These people entered the desert in groups, each with a 1.5-liter bottle filled with tap water and very little food. Most of them are bread and cans of tuna.

Walking during the day exposes them to the deadly desert sun. Migrants were freezing in the desert at night, burning clothes, trying to keep warm. Pedestrians in the desert risked drying out in the Peru / Chile desert and possibly death because the border is littered with landmines.

Deserted at dawn by guides, “You are only 3 hours away, going in this direction.”

Pedestrians do not seem to carefully inspect the desert on the northern border of Chile, known as “pampa”. The Pampa is nothing but hills and valleys of dirt and stone, so it is dry and there is no animal life there. (How anyone tried to cross this place and drag children is beyond my understanding.)

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Avoiding the crossing was the idea, so pedestrians went through the middle of the desert. (* See maps: the blue is the intended road. The red line is the road they took). Sure this is over 60 km from the most inhospitable place on earth. It’s a huge achievement even for someone who’s already trained. These people did it without training and without a map! (The guides they abandoned had the map.)

With enough water and food for just one night, abandoned groups met a team of off-road motorcyclists: Tuareg team. The knights were astonished to see people in the middle of the desert. These people were so inaccessible that the police were unable to reach them after they finally called the authorities, asking for help with their phones. The authorities told them, “Keep going.” The Taureg team evacuated them on their motorbikes. (We bikers are nice guys, so please be careful when driving.)

An article about Pulitzer Center Details of the story from the viewpoint of the Motocross team:

It was in the middle of the day when Andres Karevic saw an object moving through the desert through his binoculars. He thought it was weird. It is not normal to find people in this part of the desert.


On a Sunday, they decided to go to the desert even though they had only practiced the same path one week before. It is not normal for them to repeat paths. After completing the first kilometers of the track, they decide to stop and rest so that they can continue walking later. That’s when they saw some numbers from a distance. Karevic was able to indicate with his binoculars that the numbers were of people.

Among them, they argued whether or not they should approach them. They were afraid that the people would turn into “burreros” (what they call Chile’s drug dealers), and they thought they’d be armed.

But they decided to go.

When they got close, they noticed that people were barefoot, and others were wearing plastic sandals. They had neither the tools nor the clothes to handle the heat of the day or the cold of the night. Their faces are torn from the sun and sand, and their lips are cracked, similar to what happens when water does not reach the ground.

Fortunately for these migrants, including a 9-month-old girl, the Tuareg team found them and was able to supply them with water and mineral salts to help the severely dehydrated child. And even more surprisingly, they were there and ran into the migrants and rescued them all on the backs of their motorbikes. If the drivers simply turned to the other side, they missed seeing the group.

I would like to thank the Touareg team: you went out into the desert to play your sport and finished participating in a rescue. I want to thank you as a father. These kids could have been my family. Once you become a parent, you become a parent to every child in the world. Thanks and may the Lord bless you.

Sometimes you encounter the unknown in a favour The territory beats in search of greener pastures elsewhere

The refugees involved in this story are people who have nothing to lose. They had been Willing to leave everything to survive. They have many mouths to feed, no profession, no land, and maybe even no home. They just have the desire to work with their own hands, even if that means living in another country and never returning. The risk seemed small at first.

Fortunately, however, I wasn’t desperate. I am not desperate enough to attempt a crossing like this without thorough research and way more water. Until then, going into the desert as the pedestrians did after abandoning them was just stupid. I do my best to gather the required information before, during, and after making a drastic change in my life. While there may come a time when you need to hike, Learn all you can about it while the times are good So you are prepared for the dangers you may face.

The recent stress in my life led me to consider making changes again. I chose not to disclose the timing of my plans now. Once I feel safe to do so, I will tell my readers more.

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Jose is an upper middle-class professional. He is a former employee of the state oil company with a bachelor’s degree from one of the best national universities. He has a small family of 4, plus 2 cats and a dog. Old SUV but in good condition, good 150 sq.m home in a nice neighborhood, in a small but (formerly) thriving town with two medium sized malls. Jose is ready and shares his witnesses and survival stories from the collapse of his girlfriend Venezuela. With your help, Jose was able to get his family out of Venezuela. They are currently creating a new life in another country. Follow Jose Youtube And access to its exclusive content on Patreon. Donations:

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