An exciting new wellness area in the Healthy Mummy app!

You talk and we listen! We are constantly looking for ways to improve and add a 5-star rated health mummy app. It contains all the tools you could need to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals.

And now we’ve added an exciting new area to the Healthy Mummy app! Together with your house, house Screen to track your activity, calories and water Fitness An area with more than 500 workout videos, food An area with over 4,500 healthy, family-friendly recipes, we have it now Welfare An area full of amazing content to guide and support you through your health journey.

What’s in the new luxury area

Cooking with healthy mummy

Need some inspiration for what to cook? Come here straight! This section will feature over 50 cooking videos featuring some of our best and most popular recipes. This is a great resource for moms to find out exactly what’s included and how easy our recipes are! Along with a host of different options for dinner, there will also be heaps of quick and easy snack videos.

Get a sneak peek at the Honey and Soy Chicken Fryer

let’s talk

Shara Smith is a psychotherapist and counselor, with over 12 years of experience in the mental health, life coaching and self-care sector. Al-Shara will feature in a series of videos that discuss some of the hot topics that can affect the lives of mothers.

The initial expert videos will focus on:-

  • Worry
  • Stimulus
  • slumber
  • Mom’s fault
  • postpartum depression

This area will be expanded to include other expert videos of maternal mental health support.


Here you will be able to access our amazing series of Healthy Mummy Gets Chatty Podcasts.

Podcasts cover all areas related to maternal health, well-being and weight loss. You’ll hear advice and discussions from nutritionists, doctors, fitness trainers, and mental health professionals, as well as real-life stories from moms in our community.

Get a sneak peek at Episode One where Healthy Mummy founder Ryan Allen spoke with Sherry Sheldon, Our Nutrition Behind the healthy mummy meal plans and meals.

healthy mummy juices

Get inspired to evolve your smoothie game with all our awesome smoothie recipe videos! Whether it’s a mood-boosting smoothie or a cellulite-reducing smoothie, we’ve got a smoothie for everyone!

Check out Tammy’s Berry Berry Smoothie below!


Having the right mindset and looking after your mental health is an integral part of taking care of your overall health. Mediation can be a great tool to help you do this, and a great way to de-stress and clear your mind.

In this section, you’ll find a series of different types of mindfulness meditations that offer a range of benefits including stress relief, sleep or feeling more energetic. Designed specifically for the busy mom, these meditations range in length from three minutes to a deeper, 20-minute meditation.

self care

We all help moms feel their best and achieve their goals – whether that’s by losing baby weight, strengthening muscles, being active, staying mentally healthy, and making sure to take time to practice some self-care. We want moms to feel good about themselves and take care of themselves.

In the Self-Care section, we’ll show some video content about our comprehensive skincare range and how mums incorporate these products into their weekly routine.

Want to access the amazing Healthy Mummy app? Join the 28 day weight loss challenge!

If you are interested in starting to lose weight and want to improve your energy – not to mention – improve your overall health and well-being – we have 28 day weight loss challenge It is a great program to check.

Our 28 day weight loss challenge Includes:

  • 28 Days Home Workout Routine (No Gym Needed) – With Video Instructions
  • Customizable, Breastfeeding Meal Plans (Including 7-Day Cleansing)
  • Time-Saving Workouts for Busy Moms – Under 30 Minutes
  • The challenge combines Pilates, interval and circuit training (HIIT)
  • Suitable for basic to advanced fitness levels
  • Home to thousands of easy-to-prepare recipes!

To learn more about the 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge, click here

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