Alec Baldwin ditches his pants to show the weight loss on Tonight’s show

Alec Baldwin Gone from the man impersonating the president Donald Trump To the talk show guest who dropped his pants. “Tonight ShowSunday. (See the video above).

Baldwin, appeared in a special after episode “Sunday Night Football” with Jimmy Fallon, Was hit on the host for equipping him with a stunt Baldwin doll with extra padding on his stomach The Tonight Show’s birthday appearance in April.

“Did you have to put an additive bowel on the doll?” “Motherless Brooklyn” representative asked Fallon.

Then came the unexpected revelations.

“Want to know how much weight you’ve lost? Ready?” Baldwin flaunted, bragging.

Baldwin untied his pants and went down, prompting Fallon to cover Baldwin with a banner.

“It’s not big enough,” Baldwin quipped.

By the way, Baldwin has it He took off his pants On the talk show circuit before to show he dropped a few.

Watch the fun above And stick with Baldwin’s story of how “Saturday Night Live” producer Lorne Michaels talked about portraying Trump again this season with a “good mind trick”.


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