Aasbo wins Pro and Power wins Prospec in Formula DRIFT St. Louis

The stifling heat and danger of storms were not enough to disrupt Work last weekend As Formula DRIFT was launched in Round 6 of the Pro Championship Series and Round 3 of the Prospec Series Drifting events due to tire smoking. The competition took place at the World Wide Technology Raceway outside of St. Louis, Missouri, and the weather wasn’t the only unusual event—collisions marred the Prospec rounds, while an underdog took first place in the Pro qualifier. However, the more famous competitors eventually made their way to the top of the podium: American Mike Power took first place in Prospec and Norway’s Fredrik Aspo finished first in Pro. Here is a closer look at how the procedure is performed.

Mike Power wins in Formula Drift Prospec

Mike Power (centre) won the Formula Drift Prospec event in St. Louis. photo courtesy

The 93-degrees may have been better than the drivers, but whatever the reason, the collisions took a heavy toll on temperatures in Prospek. Qualifying Tour leader Christian Nilsson hit a wall early in the competition round and had to throw in the towel after his team failed to fix his Nissan 350Z in time for his next start. NSChampionship winner Mike Power also battled through collisions in his Nissan Silvia S15 throughout the event. His first run was against Against third-place contender Austin Mata, and Bauer collided with him from behind. His team was able to take advantage of a five-minute lead time to fix Nissan, and despite a choppy second run, Bauer went ahead to face Mica Diaz.

After a close match entered into the “One More Time” round, Power was given approval in a separate decision of the judges. Bauer then defeated current Prospec points leader, Belarusian driver Dmitriy Protsky, and Steve Misko in the following rounds, and went on to face Canadian rookie Tommy Lemerre. Despite his almost complete lead from Lemerre, Bauer overtook him in the second round and eventually took the trophy.

“The car felt amazing and allowed me to be really aggressive,” Bauer said on the podium. “We’ll take that momentum straight to Irwindale and hopefully get another trophy.”

Frederic Asbow wins the Formula Drift Pro

Fredric Aasbo (center) took first place at the Formula Drift Pro event in St. Louis.

An unexpected winner emerged from the pro qualifying rounds: 2020 Alex Robbins, who entered the weekend 20th in the standings, stepped up in an almost flawless run to lead the field toward competition. His luck ran out in the eighth round. He lost to Ryan Tork, the ultimate runner-up.

Asbo has passed the final 32 and 16 rounds, and faced his first serious threat in the eighth final in 2013, Formula DRIFT champion Michael Issa. They fought through two close rounds and the judges asked again. In that crucial third round, Issa took off, and Aspo managed to get away in the next round.

He then beat out 2020 FD Pro Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. He lined up in front of fellow Papadakis Racing Tuerck. Tuerck hit the wall in the first round, and Aasbo took a clean second run, giving the Norwegian the win – his first since the Irwindale 2020 final. With another trophy in hand, Aasbo remained third in the FD Pro standings but closed within 33 points of the leader Present, Matt Field.

“It was a crazy night in St. Louis and I feel like we got a lot of runs,” Asbo said after the event. “We are also close to the top of the championship, and it will be exciting to go to the team’s stadium at home in California.”

Next, the drivers head to California: The Long Beach It will host Round 7 of the Formula DRIFT Pro Championship from September 17-18.

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