A single mom loses 56 kg and shares her tips on preventing sagging skin and maintaining weight loss

The amazing Cecilie Goodwin transformed her health and body – and lost belly fat using Mummy Healthy Weight Loss Plans She shares her tips below.

I started The Healthy Mummy in July 2016. For the first few months, I lost 20 kg using my Mummy healthy juices Twice a day and The 28 day challenge Meals. Then I lost another 33 kg over the following year. I haven’t gone to the gym, have not had weight loss surgery or any flexing operations ..

I just walked in, used the smoothies and ate the 28 Days Challenge recipes for the healthy mummy.

With so much weight to lose, I knew my skin was going to take a beating, so I tried every method I could find to keep my skin tight. I drank a lot of water (over 3 liters) daily to keep my skin hydrated, and took collagen and garlic capsules to increase circulation and elasticity.

I exfoliated and dried my skin to encourage healthy skin cells. I have also used the “core exercises” at Challenge Center to help with accent. (You can also view Cicily’s food diary here)

Cecilie lost 53 kilograms

“Maintaining weight loss is a completely different ball game because the natural response to losing weight is to gain weight ..

So I will not deny that I flipped over a few kilograms. Trolls might tell me “you’ll gain it again and then some in a year.” But the amazing thing about The Healthy Mummy is that you are not restricted to 1200 calories, I ate more than 2000 calories a day losing that weight !!

See Cicily on the Today Show below

So, fortunately, my body did not go into the cruel starvation mode often associated with significant weight 2.5 years I managed to stay pretty much the same size 🙂 ”

“I didn’t do this without the luxuries .. I like to live a very social life; travel, going out with friends for breakfast .. lunch .. dinner … I like eating out with beautiful people! So, for me, maintenance is all about aligning the things I love in My life while staying healthy.

To keep that up, I still try to eat healthy moms’ meals regularly (about 5 days a week), but I wouldn’t say no to my best friend’s lunch date or just opt ​​for a salad if I didn’t want to! I now eat whatever I feel, I just choose to think about it rationally before I do, and I do it in moderation 🙂

Being a single mom, I love to use healthy mummy meals for lunch and dinner.

It is very easy and convenient when you are very tired and cannot cook a healthy meal. I find it really easy to stay on track and be motivated with the meals served to you I also use 28 Days Challenge recipes for breakfast and snacksUsually, large batches are made and last throughout the week. “

“My biggest piece of advice is not to aim for too big.

We often run into blazing rifles thinking we will lose 2kg in the first week..I choose to slow down, aiming for only 700g per week! I’m telling you that’s all you need to target! It might not sound like much, but that equates to over 35 kg in one year! It also means that if you went through a bad week, you can make up for the next week by giving yourself an extra boost. ”You can also view Cicily’s food diary here)

"The position determines the direction." My mom believes in herself and lost 51 kg!

If you want to check out the Healthy Mummy app and take out 28 day challenges – Have a look here

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