A new study finds that “excess suicides” in Japan are increasing due to the restrictions of the Corona virus

by Tyler Durden

Below is a study that was never covered by the media, despite its frightening findings, that undermines claims by US health experts that COVID lockdowns have not led to an increase in suicides.

a A recent study in the United Kingdom Shows 5 times the number of children who have died by suicide since the beginning of the pandemic compared to the number who have died from COVID (almost no children – and no healthy children – have died from COVID in the US and UK). The increase in suicides In Japan over the past year it has already been documented.

According to this new study, which was carried out by scientists from a Japanese university along with the Japan Infectious Disease Surveillance Center, 2,665 excess deaths were identified between July 2020 and March 2021. The study methodology was similar to that of a previous study. ‘Excess deaths’ was defined as the difference between the actual number of deaths and the expected epidemiological threshold (assuming the actual number exceeds expectations).

The study used data from all causes, as reported, from 2005 through February 2021. Reported deaths from across Japan are included.

Using their model, the researchers determined that “excess deaths attributable to suicide” were seen between July 2020 and March 2021, with the largest increase in October of last year, which we noticed at the time.

The number of COVID deaths during that period was 8,153, i.e. The excess suicide deaths attributable to the lockdown and other conditions associated with the pandemic were roughly one-third of all deaths from COVID.

The study authors concluded that governments should consider cost-effectiveness analysis. The impact on quality of life should be considered among the various disadvantages of lockdowns and other restrictions on economic and social activity as a major part of countermeasures.

“It is expected that continued close monitoring of excess deaths attributable to suicide will be necessary.”

Interested parties can read the introductory version of the study below:

2021.02.13.21251670v6.full on Scribd

2021.02.13.21251670v6.full by Joseph Adenolfi Jr.

Source: ZeroHedge

top image: Pixabay

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