A mom who lost 56kg reveals her top tips for getting back on track after a slip

Back to the right track! stick to healthy eating plan It is not always easy! Sometimes you just have to accept that life gets in your way.

While you have good intentions, you may find yourself at a friend’s barbecue or in a restaurant for a birthday party, and there is nothing super clean and healthy to eat. We have all gone through these situations. that’s good!

The important thing to remember is, an imperfect treat here and there. It’s okay a day without exercise. And dinner once in a blue moon – good too. You can fall off the weight loss bandwagon from time to time and still see results. He’s about to get back on track after that.

Cecily Goodwin shares how she managed to lose 56 kg with help from 28 day weight loss challenge And I was able to get back into the wagon every time I slipped.

Top tips for getting back on track when you fall off the wagon.

Throughout my 56kg weight loss, I’ve had many speed bumps, and gone off the track multiple times! But after a while I realized that this is just a part of life, we go on vacations and celebrate and go out and live. These things can mean that we don’t always eat on time, but accepting that you have “bad” days and learning to get through them is key to weight loss results!

First, don’t get discouraged if you see the scales go back up, it’s our body’s natural response, so instead of letting it put you down, you need to get yourself back and get that motivation back.

Here are some tips on how to do it (things that have worked during my weight loss journey)…

Get yourself excited about eating, your motivation is priceless, so make sure you eat it! Try some new, or an old favorite, but make it so cool that you’ll want to stick with it!

2. Physical activity plan

Whether it’s scheduling a workout or outing with friends and your kids in the stroller. Try a new fitness class or start a new active hobby, whatever works best for you, find ways to get yourself out and get your body moving.

3. Look where you started

Re-evaluate all the reasons you started and what it means to reach your goals. Write it all back, invest your time and energy in all those positive changes you are going to make and get excited!

4. Cleanse for 3 days

Three days is great because the plan can be fully adhered to because you only have to do it for 3 days!! It will also give you a head start on these results as you detox your body. I’ve often done this after the “shout I bought takeaway and ate all the chocolate” error. Read more about 3 days cleanse Here.

5. Create a little challenge for yourself

For example, 4 kg in four weeks. Just focus on those four weeks and really give it your best shot. So allow yourself 2-4 cheat days, but crush it the rest of the time and really give it your all! Start building all those good habits back up: Have two fruit juices a day, your drink SupergreensTake your metabolic support and apple cider vinegar, drink water, drink lemon water first.

If you are really stuck, make a reward system so that every time you score a goal you can spoil yourself with something. Make it something you really want, eg your nails/hair/eyelashes, a tattoo, a new dress, a holiday, anything!

6. Make a motivational board

Put inspirational quotes and motivational images there. A large piece of cardboard does the job on the cheap. Include your goals and a way to keep track of them, eg check for every 1kg you lose. Make it as simple or pretty as you like (but why not make it pretty with some color, glitter, or stickers?!), hang it up somewhere you see it, and add to it whenever you feel slack!

7. Write in a diary or magazine

Set weekly goals and check your arrival every day to stay honest and accountable for your performance. Keep it positive, focus on solutions, not “failures.”

8. Believe you can do it

Because you definitely can! Go through our special support group and look at all the transformations, and get inspired by other moms who do, too.

Tell yourself this is it, you do it and you don’t stop. Get yourself excited as you are about to set your guns on fire at your targets. Your position determines your direction, so get it in the zone!

56 kg weight loss story from CicilyCecily Final -2

The mother of two from Nambucca Heads reveals that she has suffered from hypothyroidism and often does not see the results of her hard work. But that all changed when she signed up for 28 day weight loss challenge!

“I used to blame my problems on others, and now I realize I was unhappy with myself but was in too much denial to see them,” Cecily says.

Cecily reveals that she used to buy maternity clothes when she was at her heaviest weight.

“I used to buy maternity clothes just because they were flexible and indulgent. Now I can buy skinny jeans,” Says. “I used to buy stiletto underwear, now I buy whatever I want because it comes in my size.

“I used to wear size 24 tights, and now I can fit both legs into one hole in my leg.”

Cicily weight loss

What is more, Cicily states that the file 28 day weight loss challenge Not a diet but a lifestyle change!

“I lost a lot of weight with The Healthy Mummy. I cannot recommend it enough. It’s a new world. But that’s not the cool part about it.” Cecily says.

“It’s not the number on the scale that makes me happy…it’s walking past the mirror and I don’t hate what I see!”


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