A man turns degraded land into a huge forest!

by Nina Payne

Documentary Man spends 30 years transforming degraded land into huge forests – fools and dreamers He explains that when Hugh Wilson bought degraded New Zealand land that no one wanted, neighbors dubbed him “the idiot and the dreamer” in the belief that he could reclaim the area. Wilson was flattered that he felt, “We need more fools and dreamers!”

Wilson restored original forests

Wilson now cares for 1,500 hectares of the Hinway Forest Reserve and Wildlife Refuge. He walks two hours to work, works eight hours, and comes home for two hours as he starts his office work! Wilson notes the importance of the biodiversity that indigenous forests provide. He says that in our high-tech world, many people have forgotten how dependent we are on Mother Nature. Wilson helped people in the region realize that farming can be done in a more sustainable way.

Wilson walks or rides a bike instead of using fossil fuel-based vehicles.

Wilson is a dreamer, but he is not a fool

Wilson says all we can do is our best. He hopes the success in Hinewai Nature Reserve will inspire others around the world to do their best in their areas. Wilson explains that inspiring others was not his original intention, but that “if it happens over and over again, the possibilities are enormous. The problems are enormous, but the solutions are also enormous.”

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The Fools and Dreamers The site says:

Fools and Dreamers: Regenerating the Original Forest It is a free 30-minute documentary about Hinewai Nature Reserve, on New Zealand’s Banks Peninsula, and botanist Hugh Wilson Kaitiaki / its director of 30 years. When Hugh, in 1987, told the local community of his plans to allow the growth of a weed plant that had been introduced as a nurse to regenerate farmland into a local forest, people were not only skeptical, they were completely outraged – the plan was of the right kind that only “fools and dreamers” would expect.

Now considered a local and nationwide hero, Hugh oversees 1,500 hectares of native woodland where birds and other wildlife are abundant and 47 well-known waterfalls are in constant flux. He has proven without a doubt that nature knows best – and that he is not a fool. “

“Change the World: Regenerating forests is one of the most important measures that must be taken globally to address the environmental crises we face today. We hope that people from all over the world will be inspired by what is happening in Hinewai Reserve, which is why we made the movie free to watch.

But we need your help! Please consider sharing the movie with a friend, posting it to your social networks, or You are hosting a show In your community. “

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