A conversation about scientific censorship in Canada

by Ethan Yang |

The AIER Podcast’s Authors’ Corner has seen many interesting guests since then the first episode Back in September of 2020. Without exaggeration, some of the planet’s most profound thinkers spoke on the show, from the great economist Deirdre McCluskey to the legal gigantic Richard Epstein. The next episode does not bring me feelings of excitement and honor but rather tragedy and anxiety.

This episode should be real-time news of the horrific situation unfolding in Canada. Dr. Patrick Phillips joins us as a spokesperson for the group behind Canadian Doctors’ Declaration of Science and Truth, Petition signed by thousands of practicing medical professionals and relevant citizens of Canada. The petition itself conflicts with what is now explicit censorship of licensed physicians who speak against the policies and positions of the Canadian government. The breadth of censorship is vast, covering everything from marginal conspiracy theories to real arguments that run counter to the state’s narrative about masks, vaccines, and lockdowns.

Control Your Family’s Health – Immune System Support Group (AD)

AIER recently covered this story in a Article Here. In short, the declaration was drafted in response to a statement he made College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Threatening of punishment to any medical professional under its jurisdiction occurs contrary to approved viewpoints. The text of the statement is as follows,

The college is aware of and concerned about the increase in disinformation circulating on social media and other platforms related to doctors who openly contradict public health orders and recommendations. Doctors hold a unique position of trust with the public and have a professional responsibility for not communicating Anti-vaccineAnd / or phrases combating concealment, distancing and / or promoting unsupported and unproven treatments for COVID-19. Doctors should not make comments or provide advice that encourages the public to act contrary to public health orders and recommendations. Doctors who put the public at risk may face CPSO investigation and disciplinary action, when necessary. In expressing an opinion, physicians should be guided by law, regulatory standards, and codes of ethics and professional conduct. The information shared must not be misleading or deceptive and must be supported by available evidence and science.

This is nothing less than an attack on the idea of ​​scientific research and a blatant rejection of the principles of the scientific method. It is appalling to see such a policy of explicit censorship of controversial and new issues being carried out in a country like Canada.

The actions that Dr. Phillips and colleagues have taken to not only tell the truth to the government’s narrative of the lockdown under the threat of sanctions but ultimately to serve the benefit of their patients are nothing short of heroic.

During the interview, Dr. Phillips spoke about the sequence of events taking place on the ground in Canada and his commitment to making his oath as a physician in support of healthy public health. This included talking about the harms and shortcomings of many government policies of the pandemic. He talked about how, as a practicing physician, it was his duty to tell the truth to his patients about whether or not he believed certain government policies were beneficial for their health. In an era of unprecedented lockdown, he and his colleagues had to disagree with much of what the government was doing, but now they are being forced into silence. Such a development marks a sinister turn against the idea of ​​a free society, modernity, truth and transparency.

By appearing in the authors’ corner, Dr. Phillips is likely to put his medical career to the test by doing whatever the government says he cannot until he can get his group’s message across to the world. We must be honored that he has entrusted us with this privilege.

Perhaps one of the most surprising things to me when it comes to Dr. Phillips is his courage and foresight, which he definitely has a lot of, but the fact of his situation. Dr. Phillips didn’t stun me, at least to my knowledge, as a raving expert who craved publicity, podcasting, or as a seasoned political agent. Unlike the great scientists who routinely appear on this show, his profession is real business, working with real people, solving real problems, not just talking about them. It seemed to me that practicing medicine was his passion and priority. I am sure he would never have imagined that he would appear in his life in the media that is an organization that resists government censorship. But that’s what the lockdowns did. It’s reassuring at least to know that in times of crisis, there are people like Dr. Phillips willing to step up when duty calls to make sure that if society were to walk by the wayside, it wouldn’t happen without a fight.

Source: AIER

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