9 Best Fall Colognes for Men 2021

Located It can inspire polarizing reactions when it comes to smells and Flavors; Some have been waiting all year to break out their cinnamon sticks and scarves, while others find the so-called pumpkin spice season glutted and overbearing. While it’s perfectly fine to stick to a favorite scent during fall, the arrival of cooler weather is a great excuse to try some fall colognes, which generally include heavier scents with notes based on wood, incense, and spice.

Cozy is probably the key word for most perfumes when it comes to fall fragrances, but cozy comfort doesn’t have to mean a warm Twee. When lightened with citrus or made more complex with spruce notes, dripping colognes can feel sophisticated and unexpected. And don’t be afraid of sweet fragrances or gourmands. While classic gourmand notes like vanilla can be overused to the point of becoming commonplace, in the hands of the right perfumer, you’ll be reminded that the scent is one of the most luxurious and exotic ingredients in the world.

Even if woody fragrances aren’t your thing, these picks are worth a look: There are plenty of fresh herbal scents among the new releases this season, too. Read on for our picks of the best men’s colognes, including new fragrances from labAnd Aesop, and more.

Best fall cologne for men 2021

Cedrat 37 from Le Labo falls cologne

Cedrat 37 Le Labo photo courtesy

1. Cedrat 37 from Le Labo

Le Labo’s exclusive fragrances have already bagged the scents of Tokyo, in the form of Gaiac 10, Miami in the form of Tabac 28, and more. Now it’s Berlin’s turn. Launched in August, Cedrat 37 is a zingy, citrusy-ginger take on its namesake note, cedar. During September, Cedrat 37 and all exclusives in Le Labo will be available for purchase online; If you miss the window, you will have to book a flight to Berlin to pick up a bottle.


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Squirrel by animal world

Squirrel by animal world photo courtesy

2. Squirrel by the animal world

Canadian perfumer Zoologist isn’t afraid to push the boundaries with nose-challenging scents, but Chipmunk is one of the brand’s most accessible and accessible scents. Launched just in time for fall, it combines enticing fall spices, like cardamom and nutmeg, with quince, hazelnut, velvety vetiver and guaiac. Think the fall of spice – but it’s sophisticated.


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Silky Woods by Goldfield & Banks is located in Cologne

Silky Woods by Goldfield & Banks photo courtesy

3. Silky Woods from Goldfield & Banks

This year, Australian perfumer Goldfield & Banks launched the Botanical series, a luxurious collection of natural ingredients for the company’s country. Agarwood, also known as agarwood, is the main player in the first version of the line, Silky Woods, which also features rich gourmand and woody notes of cinnamon, vanilla and sandalwood.


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Celebs Wood for Mézincourt

Celebs Wood for Mézincourt photo courtesy

4. Celebes Wood for Mizer

Inspired by the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, Celebs Wood is a spicy and resinous blend with cinnamon, white pepper, and labdanum, while vanilla and tonka bean give it a light scent. This is a strong diffusion scent, which means it leaves a noticeable trail – not a good choice for those looking for something subtle.


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Autumn atmosphere from Maison Margiela Fall colognes

Autumn atmosphere of Maison Margiela photo courtesy

5. Autumn atmosphere of Maison Margiela

It’s autumnal and woodsy – what more do you need to know? The line of replicas from Maison Margiela looks to certain regions as inspiration for their scents; In 2021, the brand is trying to evoke Montreal in 2018. More specifically, it evokes a Montreal street in the fall strewn with wet leaves, with notes of carrot seed and nutmeg complementing cedarwood and moss.


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B683 Extract by Marc-Antoine Barrois

B683 Extract by Marc-Antoine Barrois photo courtesy

6. B683 extract of Marc Antoine Barois

Launched in 2017, B683 is an instant hit for its distinctive, instantly recognizable look on suede with notes of black pepper and saffron. Due to the scent’s popularity, designer Marc-Antoine Barrois and perfumer Quentin Bisch launched a version of Extrait in 2020, enhancing the original patchouli note. The strong, long-lasting scent is the perfect complement to cold weather.


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Karst from Aesop

Karst from Aesop photo courtesy

7. Karst from Aesop

Australian skincare brand Aesop launched three new fragrances this month, expanding its line that already includes favorites like Hwyl and Tacit. In keeping with Aesop’s aesthetic, all three scents from the “Othertopias” collection are introspective and meditative rather than loud or arrogant. Karst is especially hard to miss: an herbal blend of juniper, bergamot, and sage uses the scents found in many classic men’s colognes, but paired with an aquatic accord that seems a bit unexpected and mysterious.


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Bois d'Ascèse by Naomi Godser Falls Cologne

Ascetic Wood by Naomi Goodser photo courtesy

8. Bois d’Ascèse by Naomi Godser

Nobody smokes quite like Naomi Goodseer. The French-based Australian perfumer frequently uses gray and smoky notes to great effect – perhaps nowhere more prominent than in Bois d’Ascèse. reminiscent of peat Scottish whiskey Sprayed on a campfire, this fragrance is one of the best in the smoky and woody kind.


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The desert from the company

The desert from the company photo courtesy

9. The Sahara from the company

Sahara, a new fragrance from the Parisian house The Different Company, gives an unexpected twist to incense-based fragrances. Despite the amber and woody notes, the fragrance also has a cool, dry opening with salty and metallic notes. The slightly oceanic accord makes a nice transitional scent from summer to classic, warmer fall scents.


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