7 summer running hacks to help you run your best

7 summer running tips to help you run at your best even in the heat and humidity.

Running in hot weather and in humid weather makes running more difficult. It is science. So I share 7 summertime hacks to help you run better, faster and stronger in these tough times.

Reminder – running in extreme conditions such as excessive heat or cold or at altitude – or really any situation your body is not aware of can be dangerous. Be smart and listen to your body.

If you’re training for a fall half-marathon or full-marathon, your training plan will probably require some big mileage during the hottest months of the year. So it’s important to be smart and plan for these conditions in order to work hard. Check out these tips for summer running and let me know what tips you’ve already done (and which ones you need to work on)!

7 tips for running in the summer:

  1. Adjust distance and speed
  2. Plan to run with the weather forecast
  3. Develop a hydration strategy
  4. Running somewhere with shade (tree-lined path)
  5. Wear light-colored, sweat-wicking jogging clothes
  6. Use a sports sunscreen and apply it smartly
  7. Listen to your body and take notes in the playback log

7 summer running wages

If you don’t have a heart rate monitor, use an effort level meter to measure how hard or easy your run is (instead of using pace).

Check out this post on How to use the effort level meter for runners – learn more.

7 summer running wages
7 summer running wages

Need a running water bottle, fuel belt, or hydration backpack? Do you need to know how to carry water or electrolytes while jogging?? Check out these posts:

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7 summer running wages
7 summer running hacks, run an impactful fitness

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7 summer running hacks, run an impactful fitness

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7 summer running hacks, run an impactful fitness

If you need a running log, you can get the free, printable running log and meal chart here:

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