7 best inflatable paddleboards this year

Summer is officially here, which means there is no better time than now to get out and explore your life local watercourse. Spare paddle boards It’s the perfect platform to explore – it’s easy, fun and offers an incredible premium location. While hardboards have a time and place to perform, transporting inflatable SUPs is a breeze, and storage is not an issue. We know there are plenty of options, so we picked the best inflatable board for each type of stand-up rowing machine. Here are seven of our favourites.

Best for racing

SUP infinity

1. Infiniti Black Fish Air

If you’re familiar with the world of stand-up paddles, you’ve heard of Infinity. Based out of Dana Point, California, the brand is known for its cutting-edge racing boards and a team of talented athletes. Inspired by the popular Blackfish racing board model, the Blackfish Air features a streamlined design that allows it to cut through the water with ease. Available in four different size options, including a pump, repair kit and fin, the board is packaged in a convenient bag, making traveling to races around the world a seamless reality. While the inflatables don’t have a reputation for being the fastest boards in the game, the Blackfish Air is the fastest I’ve tried so far.

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Best with marital status

tandem body glove

2. Body glove tandem inflatable paddleboard/kayak

The Body Glove Tandem Inflator is designed for maximum fun on the water. Perfect for families, couples, and friends, the package includes two removable kayak seats, so the board can be used as a SUP tandem or a two-person kayak. The 15-foot board is engineered for quality and performance, and features triple-ply side rails, a wide design for added stability, two water bottle and paddle holders, and upgraded carbon strings that add stability (while simultaneously making the board faster and lighter). Other considered features include an action cam mount, handlebar, cargo bungee, coolant hook, high pressure pump, and two three-piece adjustable SUP paddles that convert to kayak paddles. This board is beyond fun, and transitioning between kayak and SUP modes is a breeze, making it the best of both worlds. Like many inflatables, the only challenge was getting everything back into the bag.

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Best for trips


3. SIC Okeanos Air Glide

Ringing at 14 x 30 inches, the Okeanos Air Glide from SIC is not only easy on the eyes, but also ideal for a wide range of kayaking activities. The board features an offset roaming shape with a good amount of width to accommodate paddles of different skills and sizes, plus a 2+1 fin setup, allowing for different fin configurations. Additionally, the panel includes a neoprene center carry handle, handlebar/leash plug, bungee ties on the front and rear deck for maximum storage, a honeycomb EVA deck panel, and a nose-mounted action cam. Although this board is marketed as an all-around/rover model, it paddles similar to a race board with a bit of added stability. Icing on the cake? The board packs easily into a travel bag with wheels that make it easy to transport And the It is available at an affordable price. This is the winner.

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Best for travel

red paddle boards

4. 11’0″ Company Red Paddle Compact

Designed with travelers in mind, the Red Paddle Compact Board is a full-size mobile SUP that packs into an adorable little backpack (560 x 420 x 320mm). The perfect combination of stability and maneuverability, the board features a four-way tension system, embossed surface pad, and diamond-cut backing for added safety.

RED Paddleboards Package

Key features include a unique flat bungee charging system, ergonomic tube handles, dual locking fins, a handlebar, five-piece paddle and the Titan II pump – the world’s first purpose-built two-chamber SUP pump. The compact backpack is designed for ultimate comfort and includes padded handles and adjustable, padded shoulder straps. It travels well, although restoring the board and accessories proved challenging. However, setup is easy and the board animates very well in a wide range of conditions, including flat water and surfing. Although the inline racket is well designed, it was not well suited for shorter athletes, something we hope will be modified in the future.

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Best for fishingصيد

Bote Paddleboards

5. BOTE HD Aero BugSlinger Inflatable

If paddleboard fishing is a dream, the HD Aero BugSlinger from BOTE is built for just that. Measuring 11’6″ x 34″, this launcher is incredibly stable with plenty of room to store all of your gear. Manufactured with Aero technology for maximum rigidity and performance, the package includes a three-piece adjustable paddle, 10-inch removable center fin, hand pump, and a travel case. Designed with anglers in mind, the board includes surface sanding spear straps, a sandblasted spear sheath for mounting, as well as mounting brackets for your shaft and tackle rack. If you don’t have your own set of tools to carry around, BOTE has a solid set of add-ons available. Although the board is fish first, the wide, stable design makes it a solid choice for larger or less stable paddlers (remove the sandbag sheath for a better paddling experience). Another factor to note: Due to its size, carrying the board is a bit tricky, so if you’re on the smaller side, consider the Travelink Carry Sling for easier portability.

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Best in budget

rowing tower

6. Yacht Tower

Featuring a design inspired by the world of boating, the Yachtsman uses a sophisticated deck cushion with signature teak wood bar, 2 + 1 fin configuration with removable center fin, three handles and a leash on the tail loop. Measuring 10’4″ x 32″ x 6″, the board serves as an all-around design with a powerful combination of stability and maneuverability – well suited for yoga or just cruising the local waterway. To keep prices low, the board doesn’t come with a travel bag or paddle (Although it’s available as a bundle option.) There’s something to be said for choosing the specific accessories you want and need, without all the extras. But in the future, we hope they’ll consider adding a bungee to the front or back to make the board even more versatile.

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Better all over

SUP . Island

7. Pioneer Island

Isle’s bestselling Pioneer Board is designed to accommodate all types of paddlers. As such, it features an all-rounder and a very wide design. The board includes nose and tail grips, a round carry handle, a four-point rear bungee, a six-point front bungee, a polished traction plate, a high-pressure valve and a matching paddle mount. Package also includes coil leash, nylon roving fin, travel bag, hand pump, and three-piece adjustable paddle. Measuring 10’6″ x 34″ x 6″, the board is incredibly stable, making it ideal for beginners, yoga, fishing, or going along with a child or dog. Although the spacious design worked wonders for stability For more experienced paddlers, it has proven to be a bit stressful, so if you’re looking to get off to a fast ride, this might not be the best.

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