4 Moms on the Front Cover of a National UNDIES Magazine After Losing 178 Kilos !!

These four amazing women who achieved amazing weight loss results with 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge BRAND New Healthy Mummy magazine cover is being published in newsagents and supermarkets and it is now over !!!

Doesn’t it look amazing?

This is the third The Healthy Mummy magazine and it’s packed with amazing content and full of inspiration, tips and advice for mothers dedicated to changing their health, lives, and bodies. The magazine aims to inspire women with easy-to-follow stories, effective exercises you can do at home and loads of great features to help them start their health journey and stay on the right track.

For less than $ 10, this magazine will help you lose up to 5 kilos for 4 weeks !!!

Meet our inspirational cover girls !!!

The magazine is full of inspiring stories of moms who changed their lives with The Healthy Mummy, including our unusual cover girls, Cicily, Amy, Elyse and Abby.

Cecily Goodwin – Weight Loss Result 55 Kg!

“It’s not the number on the scale that makes me happy … It walks by the mirror and I don’t hate what I see!”

Cecilie Goodwin called a whopping 55 kg and she managed to achieve it in less than 2 years!

A mother of two from Nambucca Heads reveals that she has suffered from hypothyroidism and often does not see the results of her hard work. But that all changed when she signed up for 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

The 26-year-old revealed that preparing the meal and getting The Healthy Mummy support helped her reach her goals.

“Having a community of women relying on them for support is absolutely amazing,” Cecily says. ”You watch a lot of moms do this with you and help you along the way. You can see their stories and their low and high points.

We all encourage and support each other while achieving our dreams. I have lifelong friends through this support group. “

What’s more, Cicily states that 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Not a diet but a lifestyle change!

“I lost a lot of weight with The Healthy Mummy. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a new world. But that’s not the cool part of it,”Cecily says.

“It’s not the number on the scale that makes me happy … It walks by the mirror and I don’t hate what I see!”

Amy Thompson – the result of weight loss 44 kg!

“The main thing I absolutely love about The Healthy Mummy is how it teaches you how to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

Amy from Braidwood NSW said she needed to be better for her son when she was 20 and suddenly found herself a widow. Grief saw her weight swell over the next seven years. After a healthy diagnosis of Fatty Liver Disease, High Blood Pressure and PCOS, Amy decided to join The HealthyMummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge And at 17 months I lost a whopping 44 kg.

“I sat at 120 kg I felt trapped. I felt trapped by my ability to live my life the way I deserve. I thought I was forever trapped by being the” big girl “.

“The healthy mummy not only helped me lose more than 44 kg, but it gave me the freedom to be the real me! I remember seeing pictures of myself, in my heaviest, and I couldn’t accept that my body was that big. I blamed terrible camera angles or that the camera Gain kilos! ”

But it’s not just about losing weight, it’s about changing the lifestyle.

“The main thing I absolutely love about The Healthy Mummy is how it teaches you how to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

Elise Laverne – 42 kg weight loss results

My general health has completely changed, and I no longer wake up with arthritis or fatigue. My blood pressure and blood cholesterol are in place, I am healthy and I love life.

Elise Laverne is a mother of four from Tormina NSW and has been a part of the healthy mummy community since 2015. After an initial weight loss of 28 kilograms, in just 11 months, Elise admits to losing herself for a few years.

she says “My mental health got worse and I started smoking again and drinking alcohol a lot and often. I hated myself and felt worthless. Thank God at that time I didn’t gain any weight, I just backed off. Thanks for all the healthy cooking habits that The Healthy Mummy taught me.”

Last year, Elise was determined to get back on the right track. Even during Covid, she stepped up her healthy habits with the mummy Healthy mummy application Besides quitting smoking and alcohol, I have now lost an entire 42 kilograms.

“My general health has completely changed, I no longer wake up with arthritis or exhaustion. My blood pressure and blood cholesterol are in place, I am healthy and I love life.”

Weight loss results Abby Carey 37 kg

“The healthy mummy has given me a whole new lease on life, it has now become my lifestyle!”

A mother of four from Wauchope, NSW, Abby has not only rejuvenated her body but also renewed her confidence thanks to Healthy mummy. By making some small and consistent changes in her lifestyle, she went from feeling anxious with low self-esteem to losing 37 kg in under a year and feeling comfortable in her own skin.

“I was using Healthy Mummy Smoothie Daily for breakfast and sometimes lunch, and my meals and snacks are taken from the Healthy Mummy recipes. I started with Wendy with a beginner-friendly workout and now do full-body workouts and Tabata from the app to energize it!

“I started walking my dog ​​- now we’re running!”

Abby has some really good and helpful advice for other moms who are embarking on their weight loss journey.

“Keep it consistent and the results will come. When you feel unmotivated, move on to Private Health Mummy Support Group And reading other people’s stories, it really helped me trust that the process would work with consistency. ”

Abby adopted her new healthy lifestyle and never felt happy.

“The healthy mummy has given me a whole new lease on life, it has now become my lifestyle!”

Congratulations ladies, you all look absolutely amazing !!

The Healthy Mummy Edition 3 is taken from the author of # 1 bestselling cookbook The Busy Mum’s Guide to Weight Loss and founder of The Healthy Mummy, Rhian Allen.

Empowering mothers on their health journey is what I feel passionately about, and it is my humility that we helped our beautiful veiled mothers make a difference and feel good about themselves again – and that’s what motivates me and the The Healthy Mummy Team every day. ” Ms. Allen said.

Mothers around the world can relate to their stories – we are all focused on listening to mothers of all ages, stages, lifestyles and budgets who have their own challenges and goals.. Ms. Allen added.

This great Healthy Mummy magazine is available for purchase in newsagents and supermarkets starting March 25, 2021.

Are you ready to start losing weight?

Do you want to change your weight but feel that you have no time in your day to exercise and eat healthy food?

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  • Suitable for basic to advanced fitness levels.
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