220,000 military members say no to Biden’s forced COVID injection, lawsuits filed

by Leo Hohmann

The Biden administration is trying to redefine the meaning of the word “immunity” in its attempt to impose a Covid injection on 220,000 US military service members who have already contracted and survived the SARS COV-2 virus that originated in Wuhan, China.

This opened the door for Federal lawsuit August 30 by two active duty members against Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Director of Homeland Security Xavier Basera, and FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock.

The Navy This week he gave sailors 90 days to get the shot and army And air forces Thursday is preparing to implement its schedules, reports

The suit, filed August 30 in US District Court in Colorado, seeks immediate injunctive relief.

The plaintiffs, Daniel Robert, a 33-year-old training sergeant at Fort Benning Army base in Columbus, Georgia, and Hollie Mulvihill, a 29-year-old sergeant at Marine Corps base in Jacksonville, North Carolina, are asking the court to issue a temporary restraining order preventing Forced injection before a full hearing is scheduled. They are ultimately seeking a permanent injunction and declaratory ruling against Biden’s Department of Defense.

The defendants represent another 220,000 members of US military service who have natural immunity and do not want to release any of the three synthetic genetic “vaccines” on their bodies.

All three syringes, made by Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, are based on completely new technology, which has never been used in any previous vaccine, and has never been tested for long-term health effects on the human body.

The three shots combined resulted in an unprecedented number of adverse reactions reported to the government’s vaccine adverse event reporting system, including more than 13,000 reported deaths, more than twice the number of other vaccines combined since VAERS was founded in 1990. .

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According to the lawsuit, Army Regulation 40-562 It is the comprehensive service publication that governs the administration of “immunizations and chemoprevention to prevent infectious diseases.”

The lawsuit states that the AR 40-562 clearly states that documented survivors of an infectious disease have a “hypothetical exemption from vaccination due to natural immunity acquired as a result of surviving infection.”

Army Regulation 40-562 states:

“General examples of medical exemptions include the following … evidence of immunity based on serological testing, documented infection, or similar conditions.”

US Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services Dr. Admiral Brett Dewyer stated on August 24 in an interview with Fox News:

“So, natural immunity is very important … There is still no data to suggest that vaccine immunity is better than natural immunity. I think that both provide high protection.”

In fact, there are data that suggest the opposite – that natural immunity far outweighs vaccine immunity. newly Study outside Israel It showed that natural immunity is much stronger and lasts longer than the artificial immunity provided by vaccines, and the protection recognized by the CDC begins to wear off after three to five months.

However, on the same day DeWer was playing up the importance of natural immunity on Fox News, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin issued a memo mandating that the entire armed forces be vaccinated with Covid shots.

On that note, Austin created a completely new concept that had not previously existed in the history of medical science and in complete contrast to the explicit language of the Department of Defense’s own regulations. “Those who have previously been infected with COVID-19 are not considered immune,” he said.

The lawsuit states that the Department of Defense regulation “contains no such term, nor the concept, and that the new definition of the Defendant Secretary of Defense effectively erases the Department of Defense regulations. The Secretary of Defense is not a physician, and this declaration has no basis in medical science whatsoever, nor has This immediate regulation change goes through no notice and suspension period, no rule-making process, no process whatsoever. In fact, the Secretary of Defense simply announced it without an iota of evidence to back it up.”

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