2021 College Football Futures Betting Guide

The 2021 college football season will start sooner than you think — the first games are scheduled for Saturday, August 28. seasonThe betting on what will happen now begins in one form or another.

Because college football is so big sport—10 conferences and 130 teams at the football division level alone — there’s plenty to bet on at any given time. If you’re willing to let a sports bet hold your money for a few months, it can be fun to make (some) future bets, which are bets on the outcome of the season rather than individual games. For example, betting on a team to win their conference or division can be a fun incentive to follow that team all year long. And if you spread out your risks and find good value, you could be a money maker, too.

My future betting strategy is to look for value. This does not necessarily mean choosing the team that is most likely to win something, but the team that produces the best combination of preferred betting odds and a solid chance of competition. Here are a few of those picks for the 2021 season.

These possibilities come from DraftKings Sportsbook, they are in American Probability Coordination. For example, -150 odds means that a $150 bet will pay $100 ($250 total) if the bet is successful, while +200 means a $100 bet will pay off $200 ($300 total) On a winning bet. You can place a future bet anywhere it is legal, Although options vary by state.

Ohio State wins Big Ten (-167)

With years of employment at a higher level than the rest of the conference, the Buckeyes have a massive talent advantage over the rest of the Big Ten. The three teams usually in the best position to defeat Ohio State — Wisconsin, Pennsylvania State, and Michigan — were varying degrees of average last year, and I see no reason for them to beat Ohio State University. The Buckeyes face uncertainty in the middle after star Justin Fields went to the NFL, but the team’s record makes them a solid bet to win the Big Ten for the fifth year in a row.

Texas A&M wins SEC West title (+500)

Alabama is the favorite in the toughest division of college football, and for good reason. However, I think Aggies is a good value at +500, where a $10 bet could result in a $50 profit. A&M finished 2020 by winning eight games in a row and winning the Orange Bowl, and coach Jimbo Fisher has endowed the show with plenty of talent.

A&M also has a profile light schedule That should allow them to reach 5-0 by the time Bama visits College Station on October 9. If you think the tide is set to recede (soon) this year after a group of players lost to NFL ProjectThen the Aggies became a really interesting bet to win the division.

College football betting
Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Spencer Rattler Tommy Hayes/Marinmedia Org/Ca/CSM//Shutterstock

Oklahoma wins Big 12 (-134)

The Sooners have won the Big 12 six years in a row. They have the most talented players in the conference and an early favorite for the Heisman Cup in QB Spencer Rattler. I will need to see much worse odds than -134 to not care about this bet.

Utah wins the Pac-12 South (+450)

When it comes to producing quality teams, Utah player Kyle Whittingham is one of the most trusted coaches in college football. The Utes had a winning record eight consecutive years, and it wasn’t a long jump from there to win the Pac-12 South: The division’s must-be-best team, USC, has been up and down for so long.

I think Utah will have fun QB strong play this yearWhether that came from Charlie Brewer’s move to Baylor or former Cameron Rising’s move to Texas. And I trust Whittingham to build a strong team in the trenches, as usual.

Florida State Seminoles for 5.5 wins this season (-113)

I love Noles’ chances of going at least 6-6 in season two for Mike Norville in charge, and anything better than 5-7 will make that bet. FSU has been a bit of a mess in recent years, but their roster is talented, and I’m a believer in newly acquired QB McKenzie Milton. the team Table He has what should be automatic two wins against Jacksonville State (a FCS team) and UMass (one of the worst FBS teams), and I think the FBI could take three more wins without even having problems against Notre Dame, Clemson or North Carolina.

college football
Ohio State Quarterback CJ Stroud Paul Vernon/AFP/Shutterstock

Georgia QBGT Daniels wins the Heisman Cup (+1200) and Ohio State QB CJ Stroud wins the Heisman Cup (+1200)

A good strategy for betting on futures is to place a few bets that you like and hope that one of them will be successful. I like both Daniels and Stroud at odds where a $10 bet can pay out $120. The reason stems from the history of Heisman. Although DeVonta Smith’s Alabama receiver took home the award for his amazing 2020 season, Almost every Heisman winner lately He was a quarterback player or a contestant on the national championship team.

Daniels fits the bill. He did well after taking over as Georgia’s primary QB after a few games last season, and he has a five-star recruiting history that indicates he will continue to improve. The Bulldogs have tons of talent up and down the roster, and it’s not hard to see Daniels enjoying a Heisman season in a team that’s good enough to give him a chance.

Stroud is a similar type of bet. He was a five-star rookie, who sat behind Fields and never played in 2020. But he has a lot of skill, and will play for a team that is very likely to be in the national title conversation. If Stroud had played such a significant role in Ohio State’s success, he wouldn’t need anything else to happen until he was in the middle of the Heisman race. In this case, betting on a new student does not require a huge leap of faith.

Georgia wins the national championship (+700)

Alabama should be a little worse than usual, which makes Dogs more competitive on the Securities and Exchange Commission. Georgia recruited at such an elite level that coach Kirby Smart has arguably more talent on his roster than Alabama’s Nick Saban. And I’d rather get Dawgs at +700 ($10 bet to win $70) than the favorite Tidal at +225.

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