17 high-protein breakfast recipes to help you get your energy up all day

In this article, we have collected 17 high protein foods breakfast Calorie and protein counter recipes.

1. Protein pies

Protein pancakes recipe

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Tired of oatmeal or eggs for breakfast? Try this recipe for protein-rich waffles. This protein waffle recipe is free of added sugar and made with muscle-improving protein. This simple protein waffle recipe takes minutes to prepare and is a great way to start your day with your protein boost!

2. Scrambled eggs with basil, spinach and tomatoes

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Sure, toast is delicious but not completely healthy either. However, this healthy alternative still comes with scrambled eggs, plus fresh tomatoes and spinach for a healthy meal to start the day.

3. Easy Kale Feta Egg Toast

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The Easy Kale Feta Egg Toast Recipe is a healthy Instagram worthy dish that only takes 20 minutes to prepare. The combination of eggs, kale, and feta cheese raises the protein content without adding too many calories.

4. Tomato and zucchini omelette

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Frittata is one of my favorite things to throw together because, really, anything you need to use can turn into a frittata. This one is made with every vegetable I had on hand last week – an assortment of tomatoes, zucchini, and some really lovely sweet potato greens.

5. Banana pancake with oats and protein

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Who does not like pies? This pie recipe is delicious, easy to prepare and uses only a few ingredients.

6. Boiled eggs with tomatoes, Swiss chard and chickpeas

Boiled eggs with tomatoes, Swiss chard, and chickpeas, a protein-rich breakfast

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This protein-rich take on the popular Middle Eastern dish Shakshouka It’s the perfect post-workout breakfast or a delicious dinner. Make it as hot as you want to wake you up to a new day.

7. A simple vegetable omelette

Simple vegan omelette.  High protein breakfast

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This vegan-friendly breakfast recipe tastes as good as it looks. The secret plant ingredient? Silky Tofu, Rich in Protein.

8. Breakfast bowl with chickpeas

Breakfast bowl with hummus.  High protein breakfast

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Hummus is a vegetarian alternative to eggs, which are also high in protein. With green leafy vegetables, you have a delicious and very affordable breakfast bowl.

9. Eggs and cheese on the Mediterranean way

9. Eggs and cheese, Mediterranean style, a protein-rich breakfast

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Eggs and cheese are staples of a high-protein diet, and this recipe is proof of that. Adding tomatoes ensures that you get the recommended dose of lycopene, which is an antioxidant that is good for your eyesight and immune function.

10. Strawberry breakfast cake

Strawberry breakfast bun, high protein breakfast

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Whoever said you shouldn’t have a bun for breakfast has not come across this protein-filled cake. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too.

11. Quinoa cakes and boiled eggs

Quinoa cakes and boiled eggs, a protein-rich breakfast

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The liquid yellow egg yolk may also be a delicious sauce when paired with the crunchy quinoa cake in this dish. It’s proof once again that quinoa really is a dieter’s best friend.

12. Customizable Packed Protein Oat Cups

These customizable Packaged Protein Oat Cups are a high-protein breakfast

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Bake it over the weekend, keep it in the fridge, and rub it in the microwave before you shower. Each cup of oatmeal contains 11 grams of protein, making it the perfect breakfast on the go.

13. Breakfast Burritos is packed with protein

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Burrito for breakfast without guilt? It is possible. And the best part? You can make it over the weekend to keep you going all week.

14. Morning energy vibration

14. Morning Power-Up Energy Shake, a protein-rich breakfast

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If you’re the type who doesn’t like starting your day with a heavy meal, then this protein-rich smoothie is for you. It’s also packed fat, fiber, vitamins, calcium and potassium – what more could you ask for?

15. Peanut butter and oat jelly

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Of course, no protein-rich breakfast menu would be complete without the obligatory overnight oats recipe. Simply add your favorite protein powder and / or Greek yogurt to further increase the protein content in oats.

16. Vegetarian made of 3 chocolate beans

Peanut butter and oat jelly, a high-protein breakfast

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This vegan-friendly chocolate cereal recipe is made with ground oats, cocoa powder, and blended dates, shaped into little balls and served with milk. It’s gluten-free, naturally sweetened, and completely healthy.

17. Delicious tempeh breakfast sandwiches

Delicious tempeh breakfast sandwiches, a protein-rich breakfast

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This healthy sandwich recipe replaces chicken fillet with pan-friendly tempeh mixed with a rich sauce, sandwiched between an English muffin, spinach and avocado.

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