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1. Pineapple pork with coconut rice

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Sweet sticky pork, juicy pineapple, fresh herbs, jalapeno, and crunchy onions are served on a bed of fluffy coconut rice. very good!

2. Steak and salad with balsamic vinegar

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We all know summer wouldn’t be summer without some steak some days. This steak and salad recipe is rich in protein, contains lots of vegetables, and comes with delicious balsamic vinegar!

3. Amatriciana Trypic Chicken

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Here’s another tasty chicken dish. This chicken and chorizo ​​combo is high in protein and full of flavor. It is not just another Chinese recipe for the whole family, we are sure everyone will love it.

4. Teriyaki chicken skewers

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Some high-protein chicken skewers in half an hour, anyone? This wonderful dish will make you feel like you are on a vacation trip – at the seaside and not caring about the world. Perfect for lunches or early dinners with family and friends … or just by yourself!

5. Grilled Pineapple and Tofu Kebab (Vegetarian)

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Who said you can only eat chicken skewers or beef kebabs? This vegan version is something to try the next time you’re looking for a meat-free recipe – it’s vegan and filling at the same time.

6. Glazed hoisin salmon with broccoli and sesame rice


We have three words for this protein-rich bowl: easy, fast and delicious!

7. Chickpea tuna salad

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Colorful dish for the summer! This salad is packed with protein, fiber, and flavor. Very easy to make and IG-worthy!

8. Five Spice Beef Kebobs

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So we’ve brought you chicken skewers and even tofu kebabs – don’t worry, here’s the beef version! This recipe is easy to prepare and you only need 20 minutes to prepare this dish.

9. Easy chicken taco


Maybe something served by Taco Tuesday? These quick and easy tacos will definitely be a hit! Although it is not the most authentic version of a Mexican taco, anyone will enjoy it!

10. Summer Panzanilla

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Looking for the perfect side or main dish this summer? This summer panzanella dish is colorful and delicious at the same time! Packed with colorful veggies, hummus and toast – this is a treat for everyone.

11. Grilled steak with vegetables

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Summer is the best time for simple barbecue. This grilled sirloin has been described as “the best and easiest steak ever!” – And we have to agree. Just look at that!

12. Quinoa and black beans salad and summer edamame

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Some of the best sources of plant-based protein are quinoa and edamame. More and more people are cooking with quinoa, perhaps because it is so versatile and flavorful that it works great as a hot dish or ice cream like this salad.

13. Grilled Prawns With Old Bay And Aioli

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This grilled shrimp recipe has got great reviews for being so good and easy to prepare! Another delicious recipe for your upcoming summer gathering.

14. 30 minutes creamy chicken, corn and skelet tomato

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We’re all fans of simple recipes with amazing results! This protein-rich dish prepares good in just 30 minutes and will definitely be a hit for everyone – “it’ll satisfy everyone.”

15. Roast pork chops with spicy roasted balsamic peaches

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Have you ever wondered what the taste of grilled peaches is? amazing. Try this simple recipe of roast pork chops with roasted peaches and you’ll know we’re not lying.

16. Italian sheet pan chicken

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With a total preparation and cooking time of 55 minutes, this recipe is worth it! This Italian baked chicken recipe is cooked in one skillet and you can use whatever vegetable you prefer! Easy, delicious, and healthy.

17. Chicken chimichurri

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“BBQ + chicken + fresh herbs = magic” – and we couldn’t agree more! This roast chicken recipe is perfect for your next barbecue party. It’s full of flavors from fresh herbs and spices and tastes so good!

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