15 Delicious Autumn Soup Recipes

1. Homemade Mediterranean Vegetable Soup from the Mediterranean Dish

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An easy-to-make vegetable soup perfect for veggie lovers. This is a vegetarian and gluten-free soup with the perfect touch of Mediterranean flavors.

2. Grilled Chicken Soup

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Did you get leftover chicken? Not a problem! Use it in an epic soup recipe that the whole family will love.

3. Sweet Potato Chorizo ​​Soup

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This wouldn’t be a good report if we didn’t include this definitive favorite from Scott! According to Scott, “This recipe for sweet potato and chorizo ​​soup is a contender for the best soup you’ll eat this fall. Seriously, try it and see if you disagree.”

4. Egg Drop Soup

via Give me some oven

This Egg Drop Soup is on the regular menu at any Chinese restaurant, and is definitely a huge favourite. In just 15 minutes, enjoy the delicious family favorite soup!

5. Greek Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup

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Another easy soup recipe full of flavour. Greek chicken orzo soup is creamy and delicious!

6. Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Chili

via How to eat sweet

As you all know, we love our dear slow cooker here at Food for Fitness. So we’re so glad we found this delicious slow cooker soup recipe perfect for cold weather.

7. Pure Japanese Soup Recipe

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My favorite classic hibachi restaurant! This is a light and healthy soup that you can try next time.

8. Mushroom soup

via tin eats recipe

Here’s another great recipe from Recipe Tin Eats, delicious mushroom soup! How is it different from other mushroom soups? 100% mushroom flavor – down to the last spoonful!

9. Seriously good vegetable soup

via Kookie and Kate

Here is another delicious homemade vegetable soup recipe for you to try. It’s simple, fresh and full of flavour.

10. Creamy Vegetable Soup

via My food story

You won’t believe how good this creamy vegetable soup is unless you try it yourself. This recipe is perfect for vegetarians who crave cream soup – without the guilt of eating cream as an ingredient.

11. Macaroni and Cheese Broccoli Soup

via slim taste

Here’s a comfort food recipe at its best! Perfect for the whole family even kids are sure to enjoy a bowl of goodness.

12. Minestrone Soup

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Looking for the perfect minestrone soup? This easy recipe is packed with vegetables and definitely delicious.

13. Leek, Lamb and Cabbage Stew Soup

via Feast at home

An easy and delicious broth soup recipe that you can cook using your Instant Pot. This recipe is low in carbs and keto-friendly.

14. Creamy Sausage Potato Soup

via Food from Mars

A whole new look at creamy soup! This recipe is made in under 30 minutes and is completely dairy-free.

15. Easy Chicken Enchiladas Soup

via gourmet girl

An easy chicken enchilada recipe that only takes 30 minutes to cook! Enjoy the delicious, creamy texture of this warm soup with the family.

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