12 simple food swaps to help stay on track this winter

One of the philosophies of 28 day weight loss challenge What we stick to is that “what you do most of the time is what counts” and that’s so true in winter.

What that basically means is that if, Most of the timeYou make healthy choices with your meals and snacks, and you’ll see the weight loss results you want.

With that in mind, we wanted to give you twelve simple swaps you can make this winter to help you lose weight (despite the fact that most people gain weight during the winter).

By making these trade-offs, you will ensure that your exceptions do not become your norms, which means that you will be making healthy choices most of the time and will lose those unwanted kilos in 28 day weight loss challenge.

bulk swap


Spinach and pesto pizza

Swap out a high-fat, salty ready-made pizza for Spinach and pesto pizza From 28 day weight loss challenge.



Replace your ready-made, high-salt, high-fat chili with this delicious meal of Cheesy Chilli Tacos (recipe available to members 28 day weight loss challenge).

Ready Meals

Butter chicken with rice and vegetables

Swap your super-prepared frozen chicken & butter meal from the supermarket for Homemade Butter Chicken From 28 day weight loss challenge.


Peanut Butter and ChocBrownieCookies

Swap the cafe’s high-sugar fudge brownie for peanut butter and homemade chocolate cookies (recipe available to members). 28 day weight loss challenge).


piece of Chicken

Swap out store-bought super cured chicken nuggets for Chicken nuggets with vegetables From 28 day weight loss challenge.


Budget Family Friendly Spinach and Sweet Potato Lasagna

Replace the high-fat lasagna bought from the supermarket for delicious Beef and sweet potato lasagna From 28 day weight loss challenge It is delicious and budget friendly.

hot chips

Rosemary sweet potato

Swap out high-salt French fries from the chip shop for Rosemary sweet potato With garlic yogurt sauce (recipe available to members 28 day weight loss challenge).

Hot Chocolate Cafe

warm winter juice

The hot chocolate in the cafe is very tasty for a reason. It is likely to have five times more sugar than what we make in ‘homemade’ hot chocolate.

Swap out our creamy, creamy, coffee-style hot chocolate for warm winter juiceA healthy hot chocolate alternative.

Apple pie


Swap out this heavy, high-calorie bakery apple pie for Apple & Rhubarb Filo Pie (recipe available to members). 28 day weight loss challenge).

chocolate bar


Swap the calorie-dense bar of milk chocolate from the supermarket or gas station for the more popular chocolate Snickers chip From 28 day weight loss challenge.

Chocolate pudding

Self seasoning chocolate puddingSwap a can of high-sugar chocolate pudding mix from the supermarket for Self seasoning chocolate pudding From 28 day weight loss challenge.

Cafe style pancake

Raspberry and vanilla pancakes

Replace your high-sugar and calorie-dense café pancakes with fluffy pancakes Raspberry and vanilla pancakes From 28 day weight loss challenge Highly recommended try Superfine pancake recipe!

Don’t let winter hold you back from staying ahead of your goals

Since we know that cold winter days can reduce our motivation to eat well and stay on top of our exercise routine, the 28 Day Moms Healthy Weight Loss Challenge will help you!

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipes are designed to provide your body with the food that is full of the satiety and nutrients it craves, but without the unhealthy fats, sugar and calories traditionally associated with comfort eating.

28 day weight loss challenge

Plus, combine healthy challenge meals with easy workout routines to perform the perfect workout at home on the app, and you’ll soon notice that even winter rain and cold won’t stop you from reaching your healthy lifestyle goals.

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