11 Best Apple Watch for Men of 2021

Apple Watch straps may be the most important Appendix For those of us who decide to strap a small computer to our wrist every day. While the watch itself gets the most attention (and really is a great piece of tech), finding the right bracelet will make the watch more comfortable, functional, and stylish too. In other words, a good band is essential.

Fortunately, there are a variety of options to suit every taste and budget. Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite Apple Watch bands on the market right now.

Best Apple Watch Bands

Apple Solo Loop Bands Apple Watch

solo apple ring photo courtesy

1. Apple Solo Loop

The old fashioned classic from the same watchmaker is still a solid bet if you’re looking for a simple Apple Watch band. The silicone rubber is easy to clean, it comes in all the rainbow colors, and it’s not too busy. One caveat: It’s not adjustable, so be sure to refer to the Apple sizing guide to get the bracelet that fits your wrist.


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Caster Troy Soft Silicone Tight Sport Band

Caster Troy Soft Silicone Tight Sport Band photo courtesy

2. CasterTroy Soft Silicone Tight Sport Band

If the Apple silicone band is too wide for you, this band is a perfect replacement. The silicone material won’t leak out during a sweaty workout or run, and is adjustable for a precise fit.


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Nike Sport Band for Apple Watch

Nike Sport Band for Apple Watch photo courtesy

3. Nike Sport Band for Apple Watch

As you’d expect from a Nike/Apple collaboration, this band is durable and built to withstand a lot of heat, sweat, and movement. The cutouts keep the bracelet light and breathable and give it a sleek, high-tech look.


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Nomad Titanium

Nomad Titanium photo courtesy

4. Nomad Titanium Band

This bracelet is a cut above a typical stainless steel strap. It’s made of titanium, so it’s very light and very durable, and to make it even tougher, it’s DLC coated for scratch resistance. It also comes with a smart magnetic closure – a stylish upgrade over the typical folding clasp you see on most metal watch bands. Do you need titanium? There is a stainless steel version as well.


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Speidel Twist-O-Flex Belt

Speidel Twist-O-Flex Belt photo courtesy

5. Speidel Twist-O-Flex Band

The original Twist-O-Flex was the original Speidel He was released in the late fiftiesBut it feels just right at home when paired with your Apple Watch. This stainless steel bracelet stretches and flexes almost like a rubber band, yet provides the durability and elegant beauty of a metal strap. The Twist-O-Flex was a mid-century success, and it remains a practical and stylish choice today.


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INI . Enhanced Adjustable Leather Strap

INI . Enhanced Adjustable Leather Strap photo courtesy

6. INI Enhanced Adjustable Leather Strap

The Apple Watch band uses magnets to stay tight, and dozens of locking grooves offer a range of sizes to fit any wrist. It is easy to wear and the practical design also gives it a unique look.


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bellroy apple watch bracelet

Belroy watch strap photo courtesy

7. Belroy watch strap

With its streamlined shape, this belt from Bellroy combines the futuristic look with the classic style (and comfortable feel) of leather, and the standard buckle makes it easy to adjust. It is also available in several colors to match any outfit.


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The difference for the Apple Watch Bandwerk Zurich

Bandwerk Zurich photo courtesy

8. BandWerk Zurich

German designer BandWerk is a pioneer in high-end Apple Watch bands that elevate your watch from a technical tool to a stylish accessory. Featuring ostrich leather expertly stitched and stitched for premium feel, the Zurich Belt also comes with a complimentary Milano Jockstrap – perfect for workouts and pool sessions.


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SDVL Braided Flexible Apple Bracelet

SDVL Braided Flexible Apple Bracelet photo courtesy

9. SDVL Elastic Braided Bracelet for Apple Watch

Everything about this band is easy. It’s easy to put on and easy to look good and easy to put on thanks to its lightweight, breathable and stretchy nylon fabric. Plus, it’s available in all kinds of colors and patterns.


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SIRUIBO Stretchy Nylon Single Belt

SIRUIBO Stretchy Nylon Single Belt photo courtesy


If you are looking for an Apple Watch band that offers a happy medium between flexibility and adjustability, then this band from SIRUIBO is an excellent choice. The stretchy nylon fabric has plenty of flexibility, so it won’t restrict your wrist, and the fully adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit.


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Apple International Collection Sport Ring

Apple International Collection Sport Ring photo courtesy

11. The Apple International Collection Sports Episode

The Apple Watch band is a combination of function and flair – it comes in color schemes representing 22 international sports federations (including the US). In addition to the patriotic colors, the woven nylon webbing is lightweight and allows moisture to escape more easily than most belts of its kind.


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