10 ways to lose 4 kg in 30 days

Can you believe that mothers have lost more than 3 million kilograms Healthy mummy?! Amazing!

We have been helping busy moms moving baby weight and blowing up belly fat for over nine and a half years, and we’re confident we can help you too.

One of the biggest components of a successful weight loss journey is having a specific weight loss goal. So, this is why we help you be so precise And we’re giving you a tight timeframe on how to lose 4 kilos in 30 days


10 ways to lose 4-6 kilograms

1. Say goodbye to the white stuff – sugar!

Reduce your Eat added sugar It is one of the fastest ways to lose belly fat, reduce calories, increase energy levels, improve your complexion, and reduce excess weight.

The hard thing is that sugar is everywhere these days and many of us can become addicted to this substance. Not to mention the thought of going cold turkey and forgoing all sweets can be too much for many of us.

The good news is that there are so many delicious foods, recipes, and meals like your sugar-laden and sugar-laden creations. Best is yours. For example check out our site Ripe cherry chia pudding.

Ripe cherry chia pudding

2. Even protein … and fiber!

Make sure you are getting enough protein in your meals and snacks. This helps you feel full longer and stimulates your metabolism. Think nuts, LSA, hard boiled eggs, boiled chicken, natural peanut butter, and tofu.

3. Refrain from processed foods

Stop eating processed foods and things like white bread, rice and pasta and eat whole grains and whole grains instead, which are high in fiber and vitamins.

Cicily Weight Loss

4. Be organized and plan the meal!

If you are looking for a more structured plan then follow it Try our 28-day weight loss challenge. Whether you are breastfeeding, vegan, or looking for a gluten-free meal plan – our challenge can be right for you.

The 28-day challenge meal plan for weight loss is updated every week. The challenge tells you a great and healthy idea for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and dessert!

The meal plan clearly highlights the calories per serving, how long it takes to prepare and cook, as well as other helpful nutritional information.

However, we have 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge It made it incredibly easy to swap specific meals with another of your favorite challenge meals.

5. Get support

Try chatting with a friend or another mom who has lost weight. Pick their minds and see if they have any idea for you of anything you miss or don’t.

You can even jump on A healthy mummy group on Facebook And be inspired by the mothers, tips and stories on the page.

Society's image of healthy mothers


Never underestimate squats … and gluteal concentrated exercises.

Besides looking great in bikinis and skirts, it is important to have strong and healthy buttocks and thighs as they are the foundation to help us with all of our movements every day. When the buttocks and thighs are strengthened, the glutes are able to stabilize and stabilize the hips, allowing the hip flexors to move easily, Reducing the risks of back pain and Reducing the chance of injury.

Not only that, but the strong butt and thighs mean a The strongest pelvis And Better support for knees and ankles. Plus, glute exercises are a great way to burn major calories.

Read How to slip 100 squats into your daily routine for amazing results.

Sasha Farley 2

7. Get sweaty

Do you want results? sweating. While a walk in the park is enough to make some people sweat and see amazing results in losing weight, others may need to mix their workout.

For example, try alternating between walking and running or light jogging.

8. Maintain your focus

All we can do day in and day out. Don’t let a bad day turn a bad week. So if you have a slip, dust yourself and remember that tomorrow is another day closer to your goal.

Vasiga - 40 kg - weight loss - 12 months

9. Watch your classes

Government guidelines recommend that you eat a number of portions of foods from different food groups each day to get a combination of vitamins and nutrients to support your health.

Our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge He did all the hard work for you on portion control but below are for directions that you should be targeting.

Guidelines recommend eating at least 5 or more servings of fruit and vegetables each day, but the optimal limit is at least 2 servings of fruit and 4 servings of vegetables. Part of a fruit and vegetable is generally considered to be a large handful of raw fruit or vegetables.

Hannah-Beach-38 kg-loss-weight-before-after

  • Whole grains / carbohydrates

Each meal should contain a portion of carbohydrates, and ideally whole grain carbohydrates to keep you full for longer and improve digestive health. We recommend 4 servings of whole-grain carbohydrates per day – but if you eat potatoes, they should be eaten as a portion of carbs rather than a vegetarian portion.

The standard portion of potatoes should be the size of a computer mouse (225g), a portion of spaghetti should be less than 1.5 cm in diameter, and a portion of the pasta should be in the form of a small bunch full (40g dry) and one portion (150 G) of cooked rice should be the size of a small can of tuna when packed together.

Protein and dairy products are an essential part of any diet – they improve overall health and can increase weight loss. Your protein servings (1-2 per day) should be roughly the size of your palm. Protein should be trimmed into meat, such as chicken, beef, game or pork from all the visible fats. A portion of the tofu should be the size of your palm, and a portion of the beans should be a small handful of fullness.

Portions of dairy should be kept fairly small, as they tend to contain more fat – a portion of milk should be a small cup of 250ml, part of yogurt should be in a small saucepan of 50g – 100g and a portion of cheese should It should be the size of a matchbox (28g). Cheese should be eaten less than milk and yogurt because it contains more fat.

Shannen Gray

This might surprise you, but the guidelines recommend eating three servings of heart-healthy fats each day – the maximum serving should be 1 tablespoon. A heart-healthy fat, such as extra-virgin olive oil. These fats improve the health of your skin, hair and nails, and they also boost the health of your internal systems and eyes.

10. Exercise with weights

Exercising with weights helps you build lean muscle mass that burns calories even while at rest. Weight training helps shape, tone, and make your body more lean. Weight training combined with cardio will help you reach your fitness goals and lose weight faster. Good news – our 28 day weight loss challenge includes full weight training!

These weight-based workouts consist of single or single movements that help create muscle tone and shape your body on both sides. These types of exercises improve your posture alignment and help you with stronger muscles to stand up straight to help prevent back pain.

The benefits of weight training exercises are:

  • Tones your body
  • It builds lean muscle mass which in turn burns body fat
  • You only need to perform short exercises to achieve results
  • Builds strength to improve bone density
  • Strength training releases endorphins to improve your mood and happiness
  • It improves sleep and in turn gives you more energy during the day

read more Benefits of using weights and resistance bands for weight loss.

Bonus tip – Join our 28-day weight loss challenge

Did you know that the 28 Days Weight Loss Challenge is designed to help mothers lose 4-5 kilos per month without avoiding full food groups, hunger and rigorous exercise?

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is home to 4000 recipes, 4 weekly meal plans, 350 exercises and exercise videos, plus 24/7 support.

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is not only a sustainable method of losing weight, but it is family friendly, suitable for breastfeeding and can be customized to suit all nutritional requirements (eg, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian etc.).

What’s more every month in the challenge is a new topic – meaning 100 new recipes, exercises and meal plans!

To learn more click here

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